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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Herbacious Smoothie: My New Love.

Those of you who make daily smoothies, you've most likely experienced getting stuck in a smoothie rut.  Everyday is the same ol' thang: You toss in a liquid medium, a handful of greens or greens powder, some fruits or berries, and maybe hit it with a protein powder.  The formula is always generally the same with some minor changes to keep the palette excited.

I'm pleased to share with you MY NEW LOVE today, The Herbacious Smoothie.  It's not a far cry from what you're most likely used to, but using herbs to bump up the flavor allows you to use less fruit (and that means less sugar), plus the liquid medium is coconut water and ice, eliminating any use of store bought dairy alternatives or dairy milk (do you know about carageenan?  It's an emulsifier/texture enhancer used often in dairy alternatives to give good 'mouth feel'  Bad news is it's been shown to cause inflammation in the body and lacerations in the colon.  Most dairy alternatives on the shelves contain it.  Check your labels, or make your own milk alternative at home).

Herbacious Smoothie:
makes about 3 cups of smoothie

1.5 cups coconut water (i prefer Harvest Bay Coconut Water.  it tastes the most like real coconut water and less expensive than my other fave, Harmless Harvest)
1/2 a large apple
1/4 of a ripe avocado, peeled
1 cup packed spinach
2 large kale leaves (remove the stem/spine)
2 broccoli florets with stem (i use broccoli rabe)
1+ Tbsp packed fresh cilantro
1 medium - large fresh basil leaf
4 ice cubes

Blend everything well in a high speed blender (vitamix), pour into your favorite glass, and enjoy.


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