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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's Slim Down Season!

The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and summer is fast on it's way.  Time to hang up winter's coat and get your sexxy God Pods in shape for swim suit season.  I've got lots of tips to get you on the right path.  

Get Going!

#1 Set a goal.  Do you have a vacation planned, a weekend with the girls or your hunny poolside, or a reason to get in your best swimsuit shape?  If not, it's time to plan!  Not only then will you have a goal date to work towards, but a fabulous reward at the end...and a way to show off all of your hard work.  Wear it proud sisters and brothers!

#2 Create your calendar.  Busy people need to schedule in their workouts.

Change up your routine and try NEW classes.  Push your body in ways it's never seen.  Try a crossfit class, spin class, zumba, cardio/sculpt classes or bootcamp.  No time to attend a class?  Try HIIT training, it's maximum fat burning in minimum time.  Or grab a home workout that pushes your limit like Insanity Max 30, P90X, or 21 DFXE; check out the current promos on my website for lots of great home fitness options or message me to learn which program which may be best for you.

Check out a ton of fantastic free online workouts from Beachbody on Demand.  You can enroll with me for FREE and get up to 30 days of Beachbody On Demand for FREE.  Start by completing my FREE CLUB MEMBERSHIP and message me HERE so i can help you get started.  Try out a few of my favorite workouts once you're logged in

21 Day Fix
Insanity Max 30
Hammer and Chisel
21 Day Fix Extrem Plyo
P90X3 Ab Ripper X
Piyo Sweat

Just get your hips swinging, your abs crunching, your heart pumping, and a little sweat moving down your brow!

#3 Recruit a Community.  You're more likely to stay on track if you have a support system.  Get your partner, family, and friends involved and setting goals for themselves.  You're more likely to show up on your yoga mat or at the gym if you have a plan to meet a friend.  AND you're more likely to eat well if you have to share with others what you ate.  I host an online fitness accountability community where we post recipes, food journal entries, pix of our meals and workouts, and keep each other motivated to stay on track.  This online community is accessible to anyone in the US and Canada that joins me for a full challenge program.  Message me to learn more.

#4 Eat Clean & Eat Lean. Sorry, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

If you're already working out, you only have half of the equation necessary for weight need to eat clean and fuel your body right!  That means ditch the processed and packaged foods and snack bars.  Eat WHOLE FOODS,  add in superfoods like shakeology or the shakeology boosts, and just as important EAT MINDFUL PORTIONS.   If you need help figuring out the right portions for your body size, consider joining my 21 day reset program.  You'll learn exactly how much of each 'macro' you should be getting in your diet daily for weight loss or maintenance.  Your meals should be so richly nutrient dense that there is very little need to snack throughout the day.  Look at the size of your plate, the size of your portions, and how much you are stuffing in your face.  There are TONS of recipes on this blog that can help you stay on track and the chart below will help you make more mindful portions.

If you're wanting to 'go it alone' consider using a food journal to record what you are eating, and how you are feeling.  Look for patterns like energy dips, late night cravings, times you feel starved, or bloated, or fatigued, etc.  You can learn a lot from journaling what you eat.

#5 Hydrate.  Feeling hungry?  When is the last time you filled your tank with agua?  Most often hunger is confused with thirst.  To help you drink more, fill a 30 oz jar with freshly sliced citrus, mint, or cucumbers and water.  Refill your jar at least 3 times a day.  You've just consumed 90 ounces!

#6 COMMIT!  If you change nothing, nothing will change.  If you change EVERYTHING for 5 days and then toss in the towel for an overindulgent Friday or Saturday night, you've just sabotaged your efforts.  Make this a commitment and a lifestyle.  A small (very small) indulgence is fine here or there, but be careful that your little indulgence doesn't make you go Balls Out Ballistic.  Once you start eating clean, your cravings will begin to cease.  Try fruit instead of sweets, fruit or herb infused sparking waters in your wine glass, and have a mug of hot tea at the end of a chaotic day.

#7 Take a Before & After shot.  These are solely for you, but will help you watch your progress and keep you motivated.  As your waist line whittles, cellulite lessens, skin starts glowing, and arms lean up, you'll be excited to see how far you've come.

BEFORE                              AFTER
Simple changes will take you far 
if you stay consistent.  

#8 Start NOW!  You make over 200 food choices in a day, and every opportunity is the perfect one to start again.  Start right now and make the decision to have your next meal or snack one that will provide you with nature's bounty, and while you're at it, close down your computer, get off your duff, and go shake your money maker.  If you're at work do a quick jog up and down the fire exit stairs, or lunges to the bathroom down the hall.  If you're at home and wasting away time on the internet....well....i think you know what you need to do.  Head over to my site and pick a program RIGHT NOW and get started by messaging me TODAY.



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