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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Choco-Vanilla Shake-O & The 5-day Clean Eating Challenge

I'm one week into my 60 day fitness challenge and i have never had more energy.  I'm down a few pounds which i don't believe is necessarily a good measure of success, however i'm fitting into my clothes better and already think i'm looking a bit leaner.  Moreover, my energy is through the roof, my hormones feel more in balance, and I'm sticking strong to my commitments.  I'm not sure if all this energy is from the Shakeology, the workouts, the fact that i've eliminated drinking wine, or that i'm eating clean -- i'm going to say a combo of it all, but i do think a lot has to do with the Shakeology .  Reading through the ingredient label it's chalk full of adaptogenic superfoods that improve your energy, stamina, fight immunity, and balance hormones.  No wonder i'm on top of the world!  And to top it off many of you are starting the fitness challenge with me (if you haven't already enrolled private message me here so i can get you enrolled), and i couldn't be more happy to finally meet you, share this experience with you, and help coach you to reach your goals!

If you haven't already seen on my social media feeds, i'm also holding a 5 day clean eating challenge.  My coaching is totally free, so there is no reason you should not join.  It starts Oct 7 and the ONLY RULE is that you SHOW UP in the online community DAILY.  The community is there to support one another, to lift you higher, to help you stay on track and accountable, to inspire you with healthy meal ideas, recipes and tips, and of course i'll be on daily with recipes and inspirations.  To enroll simply "like" my coaching page and send me a private message there with your current health and fitness goals and challenges, stating that you are READY TO COMMIT TO EATING WELL AND YOUR BEST HEALTH.

If you are doing the clean eating challenge with me, click here to pick up a sampler pack of Shakeology which we'll use through the 5 days.  It's whey based so if you are vegan, skip the sampler pack and go straight for the chocolate vegan shakeology which i use in the recipe below.  

Currently this is what i'm enjoying most mornings post workout.  Rich, decadent, vegan chocolate for breakfast filled with these amazing superfoods: camu camu, moringa, maca, ashwaganda, reishi, astragalus, cordyceps, maitake, tulsi, schisandra, ginko, spirulina, chlorella, goji, acai, probiotics, and enzymes.  UM - why didn't i know about this amazing product before?  It's seriously the highest quality all in one protein powder/supplement i've ever tried!  AND IT TASTES FLIPPING DELICIOUS!!

Vegan Choco-Vanilla Shake-O

1 cup vanilla almond milk

1 cup water (you can use two cups water instead of the almond milk if preferred)
6 ice cubes
one package of vegan chocolate shakeology
1/2  to 1 tsp of real vanilla bean
1 slice of avocado to thicken (about an 1/8 of an avocado, thicken to preferred consistency).
optionally a handful of spinach (will slightly alter color)

There are plenty of greens already in shakeology:  wheat grass, barley grass, kamut grass, oat grass, spinach, moringa, chlorella, and spirulina.  But sometimes i still add a big ol' handful of spinach just for good measure.

Blend and Enjoy Chilly.


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