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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Photo Foodie Diary

I'm down to the last couple weeks on my personal fit challenge.  I'm feeling strong, healthy, happy, lean, and thrilled that my private fit and health community has taken off so well and my clients are achieving their goals, droppings lbs, and feeling their best.  Below is a taste of a few things i've recently eaten along with recipes and inspiring testimonials from my group.  Read my latest newsletter and subscribe (at the bottom of it), or if you are ready to join my private community visit my new website and contact me for details.

Deconstructed Breakfast:  

spinach, strawberries, ice, greenberry shakeology

"I have been doing the clean eating challenge since Monday (Sunday really) and feel fantastic! I just got my challenge kit shipment yesterday, so today was my first day! I LOVED the workout, and while I "nailed it" I also feel like I "barely made it," it was super challenging, but fun! I highly recommend it based on just the first workout, and I can't wait to see what the rest of the workouts have in store (although slightly afraid haha). I got the vegan chocolate shakeo and it tastes so yum! I added frozen berry blend which made it a pretty pink and super delicious. I'm down 4 pounds since last week when I started my clean challenge prep. I'm sure I'll slow down a bit now to a normal rate of weight loss, but it feels good to immediately shed that extra baggage while still satisfying my cravings, eating yummy, healthful food, and feeling energetic! Thanks, Meredith, for everything!" - Kyrie L.

High Vibe Lunch

chop: zucchini, yellow bell, asian pear, 
avocado, greens, & smoked salmon
top with pico de gallo, lemon, & unseasoned rice vinegar

"I've lost a solid 7lbs and have been trying to get under that 140 since probably after I gained last Dec!!"

Day 1 weight 145... now 137.8. LOST 6 1/2 INCHES:  Thighs= 
-2 inches each, Arms= 1/2 in. each,
Waist = 2 in. (I measured at the love handles, around the belly button), Chest = 2inches

"Ended Alpha round ... that 30 days went by so quick! I love my desserts and sweet treats, still managed to sneak those in without too much over indulgence. " - Nicole K.


green nirvana: 

water from one coconut,
a bit of meat from the coconut (about 1/3 cup),
spinach, ice, greenberry shakeology.

'Just being mindful the last few weeks, adding the super foods and the fitness routine, I am down 6lbs! Thank you ALL for your support. I truly am grateful and appreciate the genuine people in this group.' - Kristie L.

Herbivore Salad

chop: zucchini, yellow bells, spinach, avocado
& top with pico de gallo, mango/pineapple salsa
lemon, and rice vinegar

"I've been doing the healthy eating challenge for 2.5 weeks and I've lost over 4 pounds. (The battery died in my scale, otherwise I'd be more specific. But last time I could check it was 4 lbs). And that's from eating whole foods, not from starving myself

She's motivational, supportive, and informative. I ate healthy before but still couldn't make the scale drop. Seriously, subscribe to her page. Better yet, message her and join a challenge!!! Don't gain weight this winter, start meeting your healthy goals now!" - Jessica F.

Berry Bliss

1 peeled orange, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1/4 cup frozen pineapple
juice from a lemon, 1 cup water and a few cubes of ice
greenberry shakeology and optionally a handful of spinach

"The workouts so far are KICKING MY FANNY.... every morning I wake up and have to walk on my toes until my calves surrender. I lost 3 lbs this week!" - Cami A.

i may have licked clean every jar of nut butter in the house.

jem cinnamon red maca almond butter
jem coconut cardamom almond butter
Mara Nantha Sunflower Seed Butter

"Thank you for starting all of this! I feel 1000% times better than I did one month ago before I started!" - Lucila D.

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