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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The View is Better from the Top

As many of you know my entry into 2014 wasn't so 'graceful'.  I've had a few hiccups and some set backs that pulled the rug out from beneath me.  With the new year came some difficulties with my relationship and physical debilities with my back.  January was packed with family, company, and all sorts of mayhem, which made the situations even worse.  I was not able to truly connect with my boyfriend on what we were doing (though i was actively seeking a new home), and my spirits were not as high as they should be as i was often in physical pain and unable to exercise because of my back.   

Toward the end of the month my back felt like it was healing and i started moving again…very slowly.  What i thought was healing was a false alarm, it actually got worse.  The disc in my lower lumbar spine was so deeply herniated that it hindered nerve function causing paralysis of my left foot.  It's left me humbled, in pain, and on bed rest for several days without the ability to get around and honestly wishing life would end to alleviate the deep resonated pain i was feeling.  It wasn't until my chips were totally down that i fully recognized the true meaning of my partnership with my boyfriend.  Though we've had our ups and downs and we don't always see eye to eye, there is a deep undying love, a ton of compassion and care, and an utter respect for one another.  My boyfriend became my caretaker.

While he drove me around, cooked me food, shopped for me, listened to my cries of agony, and adjusted his schedule to help me out, my friends also became my healers as they offered their love and encouragement.  I was surprised at who reached out.  Even those i didn't realized 'cared' that much sent me texts, phone calls, messages, or showed up at my door.  It made me realize what a loving community and how many friends i really do have which has helped me consider this unfortunate situation a blind blessing.

"It's easier to go down a hill than up it, but the view is much better at the top."

I am now scheduled for surgery next Saturday.  Though i have some underlying fear (and who wouldn't), i have accepted it with full grace and believe that all will go well.

Meanwhile i haven't skipped a beat with my health coaching career.  I'm so glad that just 5 months back i took a blind leap of faith to really work on myself and focus my energies on coaching others to get fit as i jumped into my first fitness challenge.  This incredible shift has changed me on so many profound levels.  Not only have i been able to run my business from home (important when you are on bed rest), i've tripled my income in just 5 months time.  When i was teaching yoga i averaged approximately $500 a week.  I'm currently making between $1500 and $2000 weekly and watching the numbers steadily rise.  I did not start coaching for money…i did this for MYSELF and to help others.  I wanted to get into my best health first and foremost, and i wanted to feel like i personally affected others in finding theirs and reaching their goals….a mission i've felt i was put on this earth for.   I have had more fun with my new career than i could have ever dreamt.  I'm about to travel to the Grand Cayman and Cozumel fully awarded to me just from coaching.  I've also been awarded a free trip to Cancun…again, just from helping people

"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever."

My newest program has been my personal savior.  Since i'm unable to exercise and won't be able to for another couple months, i've relied on my new Lean 21 program to help me continue to find my best shape and continue to lean down.  The program typically involves 30 minute HIIT training workouts that you cycle through once a day over the 21 days of the program, however i can not participate in that part.  I've been staying with the second component of the program;  the unique, simple, and effective container portion control system making it impossible to overeat in a day and showing you EXACTLY how much you need of each nutrient group (carb/protein/fat/veggie/fruit/etc) for weight loss success.  This program was created by a celebrity fitness trainer, nutritionist, and bikini competitor.  You eat AMAZING food, have room for little indulges like dark chocolate or the occasional glass of wine, but overall it teaches you how to eat right, clean, and throughout the day so you NEVER go hungry while dropping inches and pounds.  My first group doing it is all ladies…50 of us to be exact.  The results i'm already seeing are jaw dropping, and it's all happening in just 21 days.  I'm blown away not just with the results i'm seeing from my clients, but also blown away with the fact that i've been coached to help others reach these incredible goals/results.  

If you are interested in being supported by me, either by joining one of my group fitness programs & health coaching programs or through a mentorship as i help you build out your own health and fitness business or brand please let me know.  My coach/mentor told me upfront you have to 'pay it forward' in life, just like she did when she coached me on how to start my business.  I want to keep 'paying it forward' by helping you too.  There is no gimmick and i do not charge a coaching fee for my services.  I simply help you get your business up and running and coach you consistently on how to make it thrive, how to continue to help others, and how to make money while you get into the best shape of your life.  The company that trained me takes care of me.  All of my programs whether a fitness challenge or a coaching consult are distance, so all you need is a DVD player, a blender for your super foods, a computer, and the willingness to commit and see your body and life forever change.  My programs are accessible to anyone in the US or Canada.

Contact me here to get involved and tell me how i can support your growth today. 

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