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Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Detox: Inspire, Share, & Cleanse With Me

Help me celebrate 800 LIKERS today on Instagram!!!  I'm thrilled that i have the ability to reach out to so many people through social media.  It's really mind boggling to think that YOU are (maybe just a little) inspired with what i have to share.  Ahhhhh, the feeling swells my heart and makes me realize i am living my dharma!

If you want a little more daily inspo…more than just a once in a while peek at my blog then make sure to follow me on Instagram HERE at @meredithgnau and LIKE my fitness/wellness coaching Facebook page HERE.

TELL ME, my Sweet Lovers of Life, what's new?  How are you feeling?  Any shifts with daylight savings?  Spring is officially arriving in just THREE days.  You know what that means, right?????  Yes'm it's time to rejuvenate with a seasonal detox.

Ayurveda says this is the pivotal time of year to DETOX.  So as we clear out the ama (toxins) we've been harboring from the long cold winter months, and start to increase our ojas (vital energy/immunity/tissues) it's absolutely imperative to make some gradual shifts in our diets and lifestyles that allow us a graceful entry into the coming months and longer, lighter days.

Starting April 14th I'll be HOSTING A CLEANSE in my Exclusive Wellness Community.  This means you can live ANYWHERE in the US or Canada and have access to my personal coaching, my 3 week fully guided cleanse with a spectrum of herbal and superfood assistance, menus, and community interaction and support.  Visualize yourself joining a community of others doing the exact  same thing you are, on the same day, eating the same foods, having the same new experiences, and a personal coach that can hold your hand through the entire process.  Believe me…it sets you up for success, and i would be THRILLED to have you participate.

Learn more about my cleanse and fitness programs HERE.

I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to connect with YOU and i am happy to answer your questions.  Why haven't you CONTACTED ME yet?  Tell me your current lifestyle challenges, your personal wellness goals, and how i can best reach you.  Let's make this the last time you just CONSIDER taking a leap, and actually go for the jump.  I know….hold your breath pushing RETURN can be scary, but I bet you it's going to give you and incredible sense of relief when you do.


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