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Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Ultimate Reset: Spring Cleanse

It's Day One on the Ultimate Reset.  The first 3 days on a cleanse are always the hardest for me.  I still have all the cravings for the junk i've been enjoying lately.  Yes, even myself as a health maven i've fallen into wayward habits.  I sneak the yogurt pretzels from the bins at the market, grab a chocolate bar on the way out, fall into the fro-yo shop time to time, enjoy a little sake with my sushi, hit the coffee bar and get the brownie, and order a second dessert.  I over-indulged on my recent caribbean cruise and now recognize that my body is taxed as i just don't have the same energy or vibration that i typically do.  Whenever this happens i know i have to take stock of the bad habits i've fallen into and get a kickstart again with a cleanse.  Spring is pivotally the best time to detox.  It's mother nature's rebirth and it's the time the body is reawakening from the long, cold, dark winter months.

So far Day One has been awesome.  I'm still craving chocolate covered peanuts but i'm sure that will subside in time.   Since Vegan Shakeology is allowed on this program I had a cacao superfood shake for breakfast and a salmon and sprout salad nori roll with sprouted hummus for lunch.  I took the mineralize, optimize, and alkalize supplements today too and was super stoked when i tried the greens powder.  It tastes really good - no joke.  Call me crazy but i LOVE the taste of it.  It's grassy but not bitter at all…maybe even sweet.  It really tastes fresh and clean.  I already got online and ordered more to have after my cleanse.  I'm definitely staying on it!

Here's a little vid i put together so you can see what comes in the kit and learn about the supplements.  I have a group starting on April 14th and the pack is discounted until the 9th so let me know if you want to join us.  I'd LOVE to have more accountability partners in my private community.  The more the merrier and the better for all of us to be on track with each other.

RECIPE SHARE:  Sprout Salmon Nori Roll

this is completely cleanse approved for phase one of this program (phase 2 is vegan):

lay out a sheet of nori

add cooked salmon, sprout salad, and sprouted hummus
roll it up with a bamboo mat.

time: under 5 minutes.

For more info on the reset or to sign up for a free membership click here.

To purchase your cleanse kit click here.

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