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Monday, June 23, 2014

21 day results

It's pretty amazing what can happen in the course of few short weeks with consistency and commitment and a smart plan in place.  The trouble is, most programs leave you feeling hungry, deprived of the foods you truly enjoy, and any progress you made in the first week you lose in week two when you realize the plan is not manageable with your preferences and lifestyle.

So what if you had a plan that met you where you were at?  That offered you optimal health, nutrition education and meal plans, so you know what to eat, how much of it to eat and the right short exercises and fitness routines to balance it with?  What if the program didn't 'out' any food groups but gave you room to customize with the help of a coach so you can make it vegetarian, or paleo, or gluten free, or dairy free?  What if you had access to work with me one on one and in a community of others doing the program with you, so i can help guide you with food prep, grocery shopping, meal planning, and personal guidance to help you reach your exact goals.  What if i even said to you I won't make you give up wine and chocolate or whatever your favorite food is, but i you will have to put mindful limits on how much of it you can enjoy to meet your goals. Would you do try it?

Here's the deal.  I honestly NEVER thought i'd see such physical changes in as little at 21 days while doing 30 minute workouts and eating food that never made me feel i was 'dieting', but i did.  I've tested this plan out on 100's of clients, and watched hundreds of 1000's try it as well with incredible success.  It's why i'm now using it with my clients.  I still recipe formulate, still create fresh program content for my online community members, and i still love to up the ante with things like my BPTN guide (my personal bikini plan i use when i don't have time to see results fast).

It's pretty inspiring for me to see my own results from this program and to see how quickly all of my clients have leaned down.  You never feel like you're on a diet or feel deprived.  We follow a sustainable clean eating system with portion containers, and enjoy all the food groups (including occasional indulges), plus a go-to delicious superfood smoothie daily.  My program simply teaches you how to eat clean while using a very smart pre-set portion container system that takes the guess work out of how much of each food group should be on your plate for weight loss success.  You'll do the same 30 minute workouts daily as i did for the 21 days.  All workouts are provided and accessible for all fitness levels.  The right fitness and diet is SO important, and not just WHAT you eat, but how much of what you eat!

To take my next challenge simply visit my website to learn about all my program options, sign up for a free membership, and message me through my site or at so i can help you get started.


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