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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 12 Progress & Announcing New Challenges.

I love coming at'cha with progress updates.  I'm over half way through the Summer Solstice Lifestyle Reset and all my ladies are KILLING IT!   Leah lost 5 lbs her first week, Ada's lost 7, Lena has more energy and clarity then ever, Darby is sleeping soundly for the first time in YEARS, and although my weight is not showing any significant dips and valleys my body is completely getting re-worked.  This program is a God-send.  If you have been googling how to drop 10 lbs in 2 weeks, just stop.  I'll provide you with the workouts and meal plans.  The program is 21 days long, it's simple, non-depriving, you won't be hungry, and this program will lean you out quick.  I am so excited to see where this last week will push me to!  Wooooohoooooo!

Because this program and the new format I've been using has been so successful at busting through habits and setting everyone us for sustainable results, I'm going to run it just ONE MORE TIME BEFORE SUMMER.  We're starting up June 16th so get in touch with me NOW, so you can get your materials in time to get rolling with us.  The program is guaranteed to work and the investment in is very small, so there is no reason NOT to try it.

Join by contacting me HERE.  This is a Ladies Only (aka Mermaids only) program.  Sorry Boys….you'll get yours soon.

** Make sure to enroll ASAP.  Any enrollments past Monday June 9th will have to pay for an expedited shipping fee to get their packs in time.

More Big News

My big piYo release is happening June 23rd, so starting in July i'll be hosting a piYo/Yoga "Gratitude & Move" 30 day IG & FB Challenge.  Anyone can participate in the move of the day OR you can make a bigger commitment with the full 30 day program run in my exclusive community.  Not only will you be a part of the daily asana photo challenge, but you'll have piYo workouts to do at home, accountability in our private community to eat a more yoga minded healthy diet, plus be coached by myself and other piYo and Yoga instructors who will help you with form, finding your practice, and getting you the leaned out strong body that piYo is known for.  To be a part of this group make sure to email me.

Here's a little piece of piyo…..  If you love vinyasa, love to sweat, love body sculpt classes sans weights, want to get deep into your core, legs, and want some serious BURN, then this is for you….  This little tidbit is just a small taste.

Smoothie O' the day...

Green Nirvana:

Greenberry Shakeology
1.5 cups coconut water (or combo coconut water and pure water)
a handful of ice
one handful of spinach
one slice (about 1/6th) of a ripe avocado


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