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Friday, August 7, 2015

The Traveling Yogi


I'm not gonna lie, being a Sol Warriors Coach has had a few amazing advantages.  One of which is all the opportunities I've had to travel with my SYSOF and Sol Warriors coaching teams.  Coming back to blogging after nearly a year hiatus means playing a bit of catch up.  I'm filtering through lots of images from the past year and finding mostly a life of adventure and travel.  

It wasn't always like that for me, and though i always keep my spirits as high as i can we all have our own personal struggles.  My greatest struggle in years previous was feeling financially stable while doing what i loved.  I think this is such a common thread for so many of us that follow our dreams.  I wanted to be a Babe Boss of health and wellness, get my name on the green juice road map, and be a resource of health and healing for others.  As a certified holistic health practitioner and yoga teacher, i led a lot of wellness workshops, taught a lot of classes, did private cooking courses, freelanced for a superfood company, and worked with one on one clients, however i never earned enough income to make my dreams come to life or even get out of the pot of debt i was in. Plus i was working OVER-TIME trying to customize everything for each individual when in the end, there was a more simple solution that worked across the board.  It's a frustrating conundrum to be doing what you love but not understanding how you can get paid enough to live well; Especially when you believe in the laws of karma.  It's what brought me into TBB coaching, founding Team Sol Warriors and my mentorship programs, and what was in essence the biggest game-changer for me.  

I'm feeling very fortunate today to help others open their online Fit Lifestyle businesses, to inspire other Boss Babes to take the plunge into coaching, and to be able to take my top coaches on these incredible adventures with me and the team.  Because it's something anyone can do that has a big heart and a strong work ethic, i've had the joy of watching my coaches help so many individuals become healthier, have physical and financial transformations, and achieve incredible success in their businesses too as they refine and step into their leadership roles. I know that's not the case for everyone who takes the plunge into opening a new business, but from watching others i see why people don't succeed.  Either they open a business with overhead too steep starting their business already in the red, or they simply give up too easily because they didn't have to invest.  Becoming a successful Babe Boss requires a lot of personal development, attending the necessary seminars for personal growth and business growth, and listening to your mentor.  Instead of failing forward I see to many individuals succumb to their first few hurdles or road blocks, throw in the towel, and believe they are destined for a life of mediocrity and struggle.  They compare their current chapter to someone who is already achieved not realizing that person too had to fight their own personal battle to believe in themselves, work hard, and achieve their dreams too.  I do believe deep within these individuals they see themselves achieving much greater success and living their passion, but i see their road being long and requiring a lot of rewiring in their minds of what work they must do on themselves to get out of their own way.  

Today Sol Warriors is one of the highest ranked Elite Fitness Teams and we have the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the top Elite TBB Fitness Coaches in the US. We are a community of like minded yogis and wellness & fitness advocates looking to live a life by design in a supportive and positive space.  There may be nothing more special than working with people who work hard for a common goal and a mission to better their lives while paying it forward and helping others.  I feel blessed daily to mentor incredible women who want to do the same, who have a work hard mentality, a dream big spirit, and a heart of gold.  Here's a few snapshots just from the first 5 months of my 2015's adventures.  

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{Miami, Team Spa Day}
 {Elite Coach Retreat: hike to waterfalls + lunch prepared over open fire, Jamaica}

 {haramara retreat mexico}

 {coconut plantation Jamaica}

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