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Thursday, August 13, 2015

How To Select A Good Coconut & Coconut Water

With all of my travel i've had to learn how to select the perfect coconut.  

1. If you're shopping for a whole coconut, select the ones that looks like little white huts (thai coconut)
2. Flip it over and look for a flat, smooth white bottom.  Opt for one with minimal or no cracks.
3. Use a cocojack to crack it open, or a square cleaver.  Watch Here.
4. Pour water out into a bowl or pitcher, scrape out the soft jelly meat and enjoy.
5. If the water or meat is purple, you have a bad coconut.

If you are shopping for coconut water make sure to look at the carton ingredients, as soom have added sugars.  I like harmless harvest the best, however i have seen some stocked on the shelves that are purple.  Select only clear coconut water, avoid purple hued water.  If you are buying from a carton you can't see in, look at the label and make sure there is no fructose added. 

Once you have your coconut open, try this SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIE RECIPE:

+water from one thai coconut
+meat from one thai coconut 
+big fistfull of organic spinach
+a few ice cubes


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