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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Hungry Girls Solution: Overnight Oats

That feeling when you wake up at 6am hungry AF and remember you made overnight oats.....

It's seriously pure excitement.  Like the angels came down from heaven and the choir kicked it.  Hallelujah!

Seriously though, there are 3 things that get me up and out of bed every day:

1. coffee (cuz duh.)
2. food (Ayurveda says hunger at the start of the day is a sign of good health)
3. my business (I'm always bubbling with thoughts and ideas especially early in the day when my mind is clear and light)

I do like to attempt my workout in the morning before my mind has any room to make excuses but still when i do get it in before my coffee I'm like...

Okay, so the oats.  Here's the deal... As you know any hungry girl does not like waiting for her food.   So if you have ZERO patience, you just need to wake up, walk to the fridge, twist the lid off, toss in a spoon and devour.  BUT for those of you who don't like cold food or need something warm on a cold winter day you can easily toss this in a pot and heat it up, or if you have the patience and room in your diet to load up on the extras you can top your jar with nut butter, fruit, granola, and the like.  

Although a 'loaded' bowl of overnight oats in decent lighting (aka after the sun comes up) would likely make a much prettier picture than what i've given you, at 6am i personally fall somewhere between impatiently wanting to eat and "i want hot food".  So i basically dumped my overnight oats into a pot, heated them, and ate without any fancy toppings.  This fits perfectly into my meal plan, and there are no toppings needed.

Perfect Overnight Oats:

Silk Cashew Milk (1 cup)
Chia Seeds (2 tsps)
Quick Oats (1/2 cup)
cinnamon - a hearty shake
sea salt - just a light crank to balance sweetness
*optional (2 tsps maple syrup)

Just put in ingredients in a jar, stir well, lid and put in your fridge overnight.

With the maple syrup and the Silk Brand Cashew Milk this came out to about 330 calories for those of you who watch your calorie intake.  I'm not a calorie counter as i work with an alternate meal plan focused on portioning.  If you're interested in learning more about the program i follow message me through my website.  Those of you on my portions plan: This is 2 yellows + a treat drink sub yellow + half an orange + a quarter of a red


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