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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hammer & Chisel Challenge: Week One Review

Lahhhhdy!!!  I'm a little sore and feeling a bit stronger and leaner than last week, and this is hands down my favorite Team Beachbody fitness program so far.  I didn't think i was going to like anything more than the 21DFX as i found that to be my soulmate workout until this released.  Most likely i like it better because i don't like running, jumping, or anything that has to do with cardio, unless of course a quick jaunt to the corner store to buy a Theo chocolate bar is considered cardio (hmmm, no).

I don't have all the 'fixings':  I don't have a weight bench yet, don't have really heavy weights yet, and don't even have a workout ball blown up.  Still i've improvised with what i DO have and have gotten such a KILLER workout from both trainers.  Andy says i look thinner (but you know men say things to get things :), and some of the challengers and coaches in our group have measured 3 lbs down after week one.  I haven't lost pounds yet, but I do see my face leaner and my belly feels flatter in my skinny jeans.  Also, in all truth, my diet has been mostly challenge compliant less a few weekend holiday cocktails including a chocolate martini and some ridiculous bacon fried brussel sprouts which basically tasted like a crispy creme donut cloaked in green vegetable skin.  Other than that i'm eating really well:  eggies for breakfast or brunch, salads and cooked veggies with a protein like fish for lunch and dinner, and a daily superfood shake.

white eggies + turkey sausage + sundried olives + spinach + tapatio 

So, I've done the first 9 workouts so far, and i think my favorites are "Hammer Plyo" (i know makes no sense since i hate cardio but this one goes fast and it's freaking awesome), "Total Body Hammer", "Chisel Endurance" (that was a love hate i have to admit, but more love than hate), and "Hammer Abs" cuz anything that takes 10 minutes and is done on the floor is totally my speed.

I'm using the Recover (post workout) some days, and Shakeology every single day.  I will say the days i didn't use Recover i was way more sore, but i also noticed the days i was not as sore were days where i could have gone higher up in my weights and pushed harder (hence why i need to invest in a few more hand weights).

Here's a snap at a few more meals and workouts from week one, and one yummy picture of Andy who's on his fourth round of p90X3.  He started in January of 2015 and was consistent in getting his 30 minute workout in daily.  Talk about watching the effects of 'the compound effect'.  Yowza.

left over grilled salmon from dinner the night before with romaine, sundried olives, blue cheese, fresh thyme, and balsamic and EVOO

post workout stretch trying out the deluxe upgrade workouts with the medicine ball...get ready for your butt and abs to burn.
seared ahi tuna on spinach, with avocado, kimchi, and lemon
Andy:  Round 4 P90X3

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