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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Finding Balance with Ayurveda

Do you find that when traveling you tend to get bloated or perhaps become less (eh-hem) 'regular' ?  Well you're not alone and there is REALLY sound reason why this happens, and it's all explained in the ancient teachings of Ayurveda (the oldest form of medicine still practiced in the world today and where Traditional Chinese Medicine got it's roots from).  Ayurveda is traditional Indian medicine and works with the aspects of diet, herbs and lifestyle on correcting and maintaining balance in our delicate and ever-changing bodies.

Personally, travel sends my body into a whirlwind.  Especially if i'm going by plane i'm bound to be bloated most my trip and feeling less than grounded even once i land.  However, when i get home i can get rebalanced and back to my slimer natural state in under 48 hours just by practicing Ayurvedic techniques and correcting my diet.

According to Ayurveda travel and movement creates Vata which is a combination of air & space. It totally makes sense: If you're flying 35K ft in the air you'll naturally encounter the elements of air and space which then become more prevalent in your body. That's why when most people travel they become less regular and bloated.  Air is drying and space is, well spacious, and can hold a lot of air.

I have a whole series on Ayurveda on my you tube to learn more.  There are 7 videos in the series. for personalized coaching or to join our coach team of wellness advocates and fitness professionals. 


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