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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Glamping for Prisses Like Me

So you want to camp but....

~ you're not super partial of sleeping on the ground

~ you don't love not having a cafe in walking distance to make you a hearty breakfast so you don't have to drive anywhere
~ you really aren't into bugs
~ AND maybe, even though some of your camping partners are off work, you have some remote work to do and need a little wifi.

Wait...let's make do still like nature... you do right?  ;)  

If those are your limitations as to why you don't pitch a tent with your significant other or family then you should definetly consider Glamping.  It's like camping with a bed and wifi.  

For our trip to El Capitan Canyons we reserved a Safari Tent which uses the shared bathrooms (though they are really clean, it's still pretty darn cold to whip off your clothing in the morning and jump in the shower), however there are cabin options that have their own bathrooms for those who are even more 'priss' than me.  

Here's a couple snaps from at our camping trip, some of our fave eats, and how we made our morning superfoods shakes.  We even found some goats while hiking!

stopped in Santa Barbara on the way up and hit up East Beach Tacos.  Ahi Tacos for the Win!

Best Way to Shake While Camping:  coconut water + water + chocolate vegan or cafe latte shakeology

when Bae goes camping with you and is forced to be in selfies.

He's such a Caveman.  Who else can light a campsite fire without a match but just a flint.  #Swoon.

Annnnnnd, my favorite treat while at the campfire (outside vino and brown sugar baked beans of course)????


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