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Thursday, May 12, 2016

#WIDN: Summer Slimdown

Yesterday someone asked me about my exact diet & workout routine.  I had posted this photo in my bikini and my leaned out waistline caught the attention of quite a few friends and followers.  

First, you should all know that i don't 'diet'.  I follow my Bikini Bootcamp meal guide & eat what feels good in my body & aligns with my goals.  For me, as someone who suffers from a lot of food sensitivities that also means eliminating gluten, soy, and most dairy.  You can access my exact meal guide and the fitness program i follow through my bikini bootcamp community and get more details on my website HERE or contact me to learn about my newest upcoming Mfit Challenge. 

So i thought i'd share the only things I'm really doing differently right now, which i feel are helping me lean down:
✔️The performance line RECHARGE. I really think this has a lot to do with it. I've been mixing Recover in with my shakes but ran out so started on Recharge (I had it & wasn't using it, so silly of me). So now I'm mixing a half scoop with my Shakeology AND adding in a half scoop of Digestive Health Boost
✔️Digestive Health Boost: I'm lactose intolerant so dairy based supplements usually wreck havoc on my digetion and elimination cycles. I haven't had any problems so I'm assuming the fiber is in Digestive Health is helping, but also I think my body just reacts to the formulation of Recharge better than Recover (which is odd because they are very similar, but whatever I'm just sharing what I'm noticing).
✔️ double workouts 3-4x a week. When I say doubles I DO NOT usually do two 30 minute workouts back to back... RATHER I break it up into bite size pieces that in my mind make it more simple to complete and more fun. Usually I start with my full 30 minute workout & will either add 10 min abs and another 15-18 minute workout in or another low impact 15-25 min workout in that day, but I don't necessarily stack them.
✔️ kombucha over wine/sake. Some of you know I have a weakness for wine & sake. I actually don't drink wine that much anymore cuz it makes me feel shite next day but I eat sushi a lot and so sake usually comes with that for me. I still have it occasionally, but not as often as before, and if I want a drink at night (when my boyfriend is having a beer) then I have kombucha. Also when I eat sushi out I get sashimi, no rice hand rolls, & protein rolls, but I've always done that, just wanted to share.
✔️ Lastly I cut back on adding fruit to my smoothies/shakes-- they are plenty thick with the Preformance line & already sweet so it was just unnecessary sugars and calories. I do splash some cold brew coffee in my shakes which tastes awesome and gets me perky.

Hope these things help you out. I've definitely seen a difference especially since adding in the Preformance line so I wanted to share. Oh and for those of you that are women that already get that line of supplements I do NOT recommend creatine unless you want to get bulky, just stick to energize, recover, recharge (hydrate is fine too, I just don't use it to keep my sugars lower).

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