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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Goal Digger Breakfast + Easy Meal Prep

I'm on the precipice of my 40th birthday, and i'll be DAMNED if i can't prove all the ladies wrong that have been telling me "there is just something that happens at 40 - it's just not as easy as it used to be to lose weight".  Well i don't know about you, but 'easy' and 'lose weight' were NEVER two thoughts that went into the same sentence for me, no matter what age i was.

It was NOT easy to do weight watchers, count points, and be freaking HUNGRY all the time.  I was NOT easy when i would wake up at 5am to spin for an hour then come home and jog before work.  It was NOT easy when i Turbo-Jammed by heart out in my living room and pushed myself outside my comfort zone.  It was NOT easy when the yoga teacher told me to hold postures, get deeper,  and turned up the heat.  It was NOT easy when i put in T25 and kicked higher and harder, and dropped lower than ever in my squats.  It was NOT easy to cut the drinking, to change my hunger cycles, and to create new habits.  NONE OF IT WAS OR IS EASY!!!  

RATHER i think what happens by the time you're 40 is you're so set in your stinking ways and you are quick to justify your excuses so you can keep on 'keeping-on doing' those things you love with those people you love.  And yes, those little things (i.e., cocktails, treats, snacks, brunch-eouns, dinners out, etc) here and there DO matter if there is no SCIENCE to your plan.

I see all too often individuals who are 'low carb', 'keto', 'paleo', 'mostly vegan', etc and they follow their plan monday - wednesday and somewhere around thursday a few things slip in and by the weekend it's 'okay' to have a few cheats.  I'm not saying 'cheats or treats' or whatever you want to call them are not okay, but if you're following a low sugar plan to get results and you add sugar YOU WILL NOT GET RESULTS.  If you are following a high fat plan and then carb out, YOU WILL NOT GET RESULTS, if you are vegan but eating all processed vegan foods and celebratory vegan treats YOU WILL NOT GET RESULTS.   Not to mention having 'dietary' success only monday through wednesday is under a 50% success rate over your entire week.

There is a BIG difference between being 'healthy for the most part' or 'paleo-ish', or 'vegan-ish',  then 'being on a program that will help you reach your goals', and that plan does not have to look imbalanced, but it will be disciplined if you want to lose fat.  The plan i follow does not "OUT" any food groups.  It "OUTS" shit like alchohol and cake cuz let's be real if you're drinking alcohol and eating cake you're not REALLY trying that hard to lose weight (remember "easy" and "lose weight" never fit in the same sentence).

Anyway, i digress.  I started writing this morning to share with you my food prep and breakfast for when i'm UBER serious about leaning down like i am right now (30 days out from my next bikini clad adventure, and 40 days out from my 40th birthday).  Generally breakfast on my slim down plan is going to be something like: protein, veggie, fat, optional small serving of starch.  So that could be egg white scrambles with veggies made in a non stick served with avocado and a few slices of sweet potatoes.....

Or it could be something like today's which took me UNDER 2 minutes to assemble because all of the food was pre-made from my food prep this week. 

(chicken, broccoli, avocado, pico de gallo, lemon, sea salt)

It starts with having the right plan, the right list of foods to pick from, the right recipes, AND what i find MOST important is doing Food Prep Weekly.  I actually do mine twice a week.  Here was my prep this week, you can also watch a short video of my typical prep HERE.  I gerenally supplement in with shakeology, fresh fruit, and occasional meals or dinner out with Andy (it's usually sushi and i get sashimi to keep it super clean). 

🔸chicken tenders (squeeze lemon cook at 400 degrees ten min or so till done) then chop (I cut with kitchen scissors) 
🔸steamed green beans 

🔸 steamed broccoli 

🔸 roasted or steamed chopped or sliced sweet potatoes (steaming is super fast but today I roasted with coconut oil)
🔸sliced raw bell peppers
🔸 hard boiled eggs 
🔸other things I have on hand
such as....avocado, lemon, sea salt, fresh herbs (basil, cilantro, thyme), pre-washed greens (spinach), tomatillo salsa, cashew milk & frozen cherries (for shakeology), bananas + coconut flour (for shakeology protein pancakes), shakeology boosts (digest, power greens, focused energy), BB Preformance recover & energize, chia seeds, hempseeds, almonds/almond butter, coconut oil, balsamic & rice vinegar & coconut aminos

To learn more about the programs and meal guides i use and coach with, or to connect with me about my transformation journey, message me HERE.  Alternately dive right in and start your 21 day Challenge with me TODAY.


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