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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Spring Into Your Best Body Challenge

It's SPRING and the layers of clothing are slowly going to start slipping off and revealing what's been hiding under our sweaters and stretch pants the past 6 months.  This challenge isn't just about looking good, it's about FEELING good inside and out, and coming into your most confident and happy self. If you focus on getting the inside right, the rest will fall into place. So during this 21 day challenge we'll be focusing not just on FITNESS and NUTRITION but also on MINDSET and teaching you how to to THRIVE on simple, delicious, healthy eats and NON-CHEAT treats. You'll get a ton of recipes and support including my Buddha Bowl (grain free/gluten free/soy free) recipe ebook that fits right into our 21 day portion balanced meal plan. Plus learn how to create HEALTHY delicious non-cheat treats and snacks that taste like CHEAT FOODS but are kid-approved, satiate your cravings, and truly just help you stay on track without feeling deprived.

Expect to learn and experience:

- the exact same techniques i've used myself and with my clients to lose weight, tone up, and fire up our metabolism while eating delicious food and not feeling deprived

- how to prepare simple and healthy plant based Buddha Bowls and NON CHEAT treats like snack bars and superfood brownies, PLUS get our favorite recipes for healing and fortifying simple super-smoothies and smoothie bowls

- how to eat in the right portions/right macros for weight loss and weight maintenance success

- tips on holistic living and how to eat a naturally detoxifying diet

- experience a FUN and supportive accountability community, group challenges, ab challenges, GREAT FITNESS, and did i mention FUN!?!?

With Your Enrollment You'll Get:

- Access to an ANNUAL membership of Beachbody FITNESS ON DEMAND from top trainers including Autumn Calabrese, Shaun T, Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson and more. You'll get ACCESS TO FULL PROGRAMS, workout calendars and meal plans for the sought after 21 day fix, 21 day fix Extreme, p90X3, insanity max 30, Core De Force, Hammer and Chisel, piYo, and more including our full yoga studio). You'll have every workout i use daily to achieve my results

- a customizable meal guide that you can follow as flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, pescatarian, gluten/soy/dairy free

- guidance on how to customize your meal plan for your dietary preferences 

-portion containers to measure the appropriate macro nutrients for success

- my ongoing coaching free

- free membership to my Online Community with exclusive slim downs and recipe ebooks including my BPTN and 10 day hustle guide

- the Buddha Bowl Downloadable Ebook

- a month's supply of superfood shakeology


To inquire or learn more simply use this link:

**To enroll TODAY (for those of you who do not yet have all the program materials) you will need to purchase your All Access Challenge Pack with Shakeology Here to be enrolled with me.  I do recommend following your purchase with an email to me in case your enrollment does not register on my roster.  Contact me HERE after your enrollment through the link above.  This is a value well over a $1000 however it's yours right now for just $199.  You will continue to receive my coaching support and online community access even after our challenge is complete.

Note: this program is created to meet YOU where you're at, in a non-dogmatic way, and is customized to fit YOUR unique needs. You CAN follow it as vegan/vegetarian/paleo/balanced nutrition or otherwise. Every individual gets a one on one call with me, recommendations on their workouts and meal plans, and options for customizations uniquely for them. My goal is to help you achieve your ultimate optimal health, fitness, and wellness goals.


  1. Wow i really needed this! have become so flabby over the summer and really needed some motivation and information to start again! pumped up


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