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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ayurveda and Discovering How To Eat For Your Unique Needs

One of the concepts i shared about this month in my "Get in the Flow + Love Yourself " Challenge is Ayurveda. While I've shared my video series on it before here, it's been a while and it's something that's helped me incredibly and deserves to be mentioned again. Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga and the oldest system of medicine that’s practiced in the world today. I first learned about it during my studies for my Holistic Health Practitioner’s certification, and later really started to put it into practice when i enrolled for my yoga teacher training and began to actively practice more yoga-based theories. As someone who has suffered from digestive maladies my entire life, i found the concepts of Ayurveda and learning how to balance my doshas to help me out IMMENSELY in feeling better, living more vibrantly, and making better choices that fit uniquely for MY needs and MY constitution.
Ayurveda is based on a blend of 3 areas: diet, lifestyle, and herbs. Just as every part of our body is interconnected so are we to the Universe. We ARE nature and have every aspect of nature in us (air, wind, fire, water, earth and space). Each of us have a different balance of these elements which in turn can cause imbalances in our body, and if we don’t LEARN how to approach our diet, herbs, and lifestyles correctly, these imbalances can manifest as diseases and lifestyle illnesses. For me, i suffered digestively. While i’ve learned through the act of whole foods cleansing, doing nutritional challenges, and experimenting with a variety of theories, Ayurveda and educating myself on how to eat for my dosha and the season, has helped me IMMENSELY understand Why some of the most healthy foods i was eating were not making me feel energized, rooted, or vibrant. I hope my 7 part series offers you a bit of insight so you can start practicing a few of the methods and see how they fit for you. I’ll include a link to a short dosha quiz, but just know, if you struggle trying to figure out how to balance your dosha, if you choose to eat seasonally, you’ll always be working on balancing the dosha which is naturally going out of balance due to the season. Feel free to shoot me questions through my website. I love chatting about Ayurveda and I'm here to help you discover optimal health for yourself.
Being summer now, you’ll mostly want to enjoy foods that cool your body naturally.
Here are a few..

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