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Monday, September 2, 2019

Super Simple, Delicious Beet Hummus

Are you drooling yet?

As someone who has been healthy-lifestyle and food blogging now for 10 years, I'm no stranger to stumbling upon drool-worthy photos on the web and the gram then digging in for the recipes and finding them to be 10 ingredients and 20 steps long.  Who has time for that?

As you know I'm all about quick, healthy recipes and meals that actually fit into a busy girl's lifestyle, and compliment our level of patience with prepping and cooking in the kitchen.

So for those of you who love a dash of PINK on your plate, and those of you who love BEETS, here's a SUPER SIMPLE BEET HUMMUS recipe that will have your palette dancing, your pink-loving-heart beating overtime, and satiate your desire to keep your kitchen and prep time minimal.


1. a container of any traditional hummus or baba ganouj (simply pick a store bought hummus that you love)

2. frozen, thawed sliced beets


Steam the beets to warm.  Add the container of hummus and the thawed beets to a food processor with the S blade.  Blend and serve, or add any additional flavors you want (such as more tahini, lemon, sea salt, garlic -- all the ingredients that are traditionally already in your hummus).

I'm not a big 'measurer' in the kitchen unless I'm baking (which let's be real, I rarely do), so if I had to guesstimate on the amounts of hummus and beets I used I'd say about a half of a bag of frozen beets to a container of hummus.



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