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Monday, June 3, 2019

5 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Diet + Shifting into Higher Plant Based Eating

Shifting into a higher plant based diet, or even pulling yourself out of a dietary rut doesn't have to be arduous, boring or overwhelming.  Sure it'll take a little extra effort on your part to make change (as change is never 'easy'), but it's simpler than you think and totally WORTH IT.  Here's how to get shifting... 

1.  Focus on what you CAN have, not what you can't.  It's really easy when you're making changes to get hyper-focused on the things you're aiming to eliminate from your diet (many of them likely processed foods with flavor additives which the food industry purposely gets us addicted to).  Instead try focusing on all of the healthy plant abundant foods you love.  Shifting your focus from what you're telling yourself you 'can't have'  to what you 'can have' is such a simple solution and it gives you winning results every time. Plus, in the end, you CAN have it all (unless you find it's a trigger food, then I suggest getting rid of it) -- it's just a matter of moderating how much you have and being consistent with that practice. 

2.  Master the Quest for Crunch!  There is something so satisfying about CRUNCHING foods.  It's one of the reasons chips and crackers fill the grocery isles and end up in most everyone's carts and pantries.  Finding healthy alternatives is simpler than you think.  Some of my favorite chip replacements are sliced bell peppers and endive leaves which both make perfect 'scoopers' for guacamole, hummus, dips and salsas, as well as jicama and carrot sticks.  Try my SIMPLE KALE CHIP RECIPE which gives you a salty, crunchy bang full of minerals, fiber, and antioxidants without a starchy, processed, or or high carb quality.  

3. Supplement Smart.  Investing in a few key supplements has always helped me take my nutrition more seriously, helps me to create a new routine around health, and fills in the nutritional gaps that happen to all of us from our Standard American Diet.  My favorite ways to supplement my diet are with a vegan protein, greens, and superfoods.  I just started using our new Plant Based Recover Protein which is hands down the best chocolate protein I've ever had, and have been a long time fan of the shakeology greens boost, and Vegan Shakeology which contains not just a spectrum of superfoods, but the pre and pro biotics, digestive enzymes and everything you need for gut and brain health.  The only other supplement I take daily outside those, is our pre-workout....and to be honest, that's less for health and more to have a healthy way to replace coffee and give me a ton of pep for my workouts (and life in general).

4. Think "Water First, Veggies Most".  Can I ask...when was the last time you drank a full 16 ounces of water?  We are a chronically dehydrated society, and often when you feel hungry, it's simply that you're dehydrated.  Drink half your body weigh in ounces of water daily, and always have 16 ounces before you eat.  It fills up your belly so you feel full faster, and therefore eat less.  When plating your foods, or reaching for snacks, keep the thought 'veggies most' in mind.  Whether they are Raw, Sautéed, Roasted, Air Fried, or what have you -- veggies are packed with FILLING FIBER, dense micro nutrition, and coupled with protein they keep you full and satisfied.  When you approach protein, look at it more as an accessory and if you're trying to swap in plant based alternatives consider lupini beans which are one of the highest protein rich, lower starch beans.  You can learn more about these concepts and get a winning VEGGIES MOST 30 day meal plan along with a ton of great recipes in our 2Bmindset E-course.

5.  Use my buddha bowl recipe ebook and Plant Based Slim Down Gide.  My downloadable ebooks are gifted to my new clients.  
If you're a current client and don't have a copy of my ebooks, you can find them in our resources in our online community page.  The buddha bowl recipe and Plant Based Slimdown guides are both vegan, gluten free, soy free, and offer simple delicious recipes packed with tempting dressings and divine bowls that are simple to make and fun to eat. 

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