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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Clean Eatin': Another Cleansing Journey & An Awesome Summer Salad

I feel like i'm always writing about cleansing....doing one, leading one, or needing one.  Well here again i'm writing about cleansing.  Not so much the why or the how, just that i am, and with that there are challenges one faces to make their food 'cleanse approved'.  For me typically it's the salt.  The salt and the sugar.  I can add in dulse (seaweed flakes) instead of salt, but it's not the same.  I can sub out stevia for agave, even upgrade that to a stevia leaf from my backyard, but the greater challenge would be to just not sweeten the food entirely.  But, am i ready to go there yet?????.....

For those of you who may be equally challenged i'd like to share some book recommends.  All of the books have some cleanse approved recipes, but what's better is all the incredible inspiring information you're given prior to those recipes.  It's always great to read about cleansing while you are cleansing...such a great way to stay motivated!  Natalia Rose has written a few books that i think are pretty great:  "The raw detox diet", and "detox 4 women" (detox 4 women is great but she tends to include more soy sauce, butter, and unpasteurized goat cheese into her recipes in this book....still great recipes, just less 'cleanse approved', and a great read).  Cris Carr, a cancer survivor, has also written a great read:  "Crazy Sexy Diet".  That book is layed out colorfully and fun, and towards the back she's layed out a 21 day cleanse focused around affirmations and daily rituals.  For those looking to learn more about why you would include more raw foods into your life check out David Wolfe's "Sunfood Diet Success System".  Curious about candida yeast and how to cleanse from it?  Read Donna Gate's "The Body Ecology Diet".

Today's recipe was inspired by a pic i saw in Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Magazine.  Let's just take a moment to praise Martha Stewart for being so frickin' amazing to always be giving us whole food delicious recipes and fun crafts that are incredibly inventive.  Her and her team are AMAZING!  Okay, onward....the recipe...the will take you about 5 minutes to prepare IF you have hard-boiled eggs ready.  If not, get some hard boiled and leave em ' in the fridge, they make great snacks and are perfectly ready to add to salads or feed to your pooch (egg is really good for doggies too...and they LOVE them.  seeeeeeeeee.....).  

Green Bean Summer Salad:

ingredients:  green beans, tomato, avocado, basil, evoo, black pepper, hard boiled egg

Grab a Huge Handful of green beans and trim the ends.  Cut each bean in thirds.  Toss into a pot of water and get it to boil (about 3-5 minutes).  remove and rinse them with cold water to stop cooking so they are left a little crunchy.
Meanwhile cut 1/2 a tomato or grab a handful of grape or cherry tomatoes and halve.
clip basil from the garden and cut thin
Slice 1/2 an avocado and toss into this mixture
about a tsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a few solid cranks of black pepper.  Toss everything together well.
Quarter a hard boiled egg and add it to the salad.


wanna keep it raw???  don't cook the green beans and sub out the egg for either pine nuts or sprinkle with raw-mesan (pine nuts, walnuts, and nutritional yeast chopped fine in a food processor to resemble parmesan).

Just not into eggs?  Try black beans or garbanzos to keep it vegan

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