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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yum Face: Some Things Never Change

This is possibly the funniest blog i've ever documented about myself.  I know i get a kick out of it, and i'm sure my parents will as well...i'm hoping you too find the humor in it.

It goes like this...When I eat something i really like i make what is now being known as 'The Yum Face':  Dimples get amplified, lips purse up, and eyes move into a glazed food fixed haze.  I noticed the Yum Face upon uploading some recent pictures my boyfriend took of me slurping down my Papaya Strawberry Heaven Smoothie (recipe below) this weekend.  This face had me in stitches and reminded me of a photo from my childhood where i'm practically buried in a bowl of chocolate pudding.  Mind you, who doesn't put their yum face on when eating chocolate pudding?

here is Yum Face evidence piece numbero uno:

Yum Face - note tautness of lips, dimple depth, and hard stare at YUMMY substance
Evidence numbero dos:

Yum Face - same pursed lips, dimples, and hard stare on the Yum Factor
LOL.  i'd really like to do a side by side but i can't seem to get the pictures to line up right.  Regardless,  i think you get it.  I clearly have a definite YUM FACE.  (I think i clearly have some portion control issues too...did you see how big that smoothie was??? I think its as big as my little pin head.)

Wonder what your Yum Face looks like???  Funny how we never  know since we don't see ourselves.

...And of course the Wonder Woman bathing suit can not go unmentioned (i'm pretty sure i lived in it for at least a solid year)....i am still channeling my inner Lynda Carter.

"I'm still Wonder Woman!"

Recipe for Papaya Strawberry Heaven:

pure coconut water, papaya chunks, and strawberries blended.  it's that easy.

Insert Yum Face here.


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