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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Juice It Up, Yo!: Garden Juice and the Juice Weasel

Get your Superhero on, yo!!!
Nothing starts the mornings better than a garden green juice.  If you have ANY room for a little planter i would highly encourage you to start a little garden.  You can easily grow basil, thyme, mint, and rosemary in a window sill, or perhaps a jalapeno pepper plant or a small planter with lettuces on your doorstep or balcony.  Doesn't matter...just get growing!

Mornings lately for me have started with a 'garden juice'.  While we don't have a HUGE garden, we've done well with greens in our raised beds and herbs in our planters.  Right now our front raised bed is a combo of lettuces and chard, chives, fennel, stevia, and some okra growing on the trellis...though i've yet to see any sprouts on it.  Every now and again something else will pop a random tomato plant or some kale from seeds that remained in the soil from earlier days. 

sooo many greens!!

everyday i snip, snip, snip, and eat, eat, eat, and it seems that these leaves grow overnight!  Always an abundance!

for my green juice i just snip whatever is producing, there is no specific green that goes in it.  It's usually a combo of chard, kale, and lettuces.....and i use a generous handful.

prep your ingredients: apple, lemon, greens.   Peel your apple if it's not organic, and peel the skin off the lemon
You'll need a juicer, obvi.....
If your apple is not organic peel it.  This tastes great with red apple also, however if you are trying to keep sugars down opt for green.
Slice to fit your feedhole (not your mouth...the feedhole is a part of the juicer...though i'm not sure that's the true technical term for it), press it, and pour it into a glass.
I like to add about 4 oz of water to mine do mellow out the tart from the green apple and lemon.

This is such an incredibly delicious juice and it makes you feel like a Superhero.  Really, no kidding....i couldn't think of anything that could make my day start any better.

sip while listening to your favorite doesn't get much better than this! 

For you avid juicers that need a good laugh, you should watch this HILARIOUS video.  My friend Phil posted it for my last cleanse group and it had us all in stitches.    Jim Carry at his finest for sure! BE THE JUICE WEASEL!!!!

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