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Sunday, September 11, 2011

5 Days to Feeling Your Best: Beaming Cleanse

August was a doozy.  We had wonderful house guests every weekend, and family through much of the month.  There was much socializing, wining, dining, and a bunch of other less than healthy indulgences that had me abandon good habits, which in turn has left me feeling worn out and a bit wider through the middle.  Perhaps you've had a whirlwind summer as well.  What i need now is to get back on track and no easier way to get on track than to start with a cleanse.

Lisa Odenweller, founder of beaming cleanse, asked me to be part of her expert panel to test run the cleanse she's launching in October.  I can not tell you how thrilled and honored i am to be part of this amazing opportunity.  Beaming Cleanse is a 5 day holistic journey of raw foods, juices, fortified smoothies and supplements created by lisa and her chef's Adina Niemerow (Author of Super Cleanse & holistic chef in San Fran) and Jesus Gonzales (formerly the head chef at Rancho La Puerta).  Each night i'll pick up a days worth of cleansing foods and tonics and will be documenting my journey here, through FB, and Twitter (to follow on twitter go to A_Grateful_Life).

My days will look something like this.

*lemon water to start the day
*fresh pressed green juice with sprouts for their living vibrancy and protein in the morning
*superfood smoothie/fortified nut milk (protein & nutrient packed cocktail of deliciousness) mid morning
*Raw soup for lunch
*fresh pressed green juice with sprouts and e3live (the blue green algae wonder superfood) afternoon
*Immunity Elixer made with camu camu, MSM, lemon, alkaline water and coconut water
*cleansing tea
*delicious salads filled with a variety of sprouts & colorful veggies for dinner
*herbal teas and Triphala to support the cleanse process

Just reading that makes me feel healthy!  Since i'll be documenting my journey here, feel free to join along in a cleanse of your own, or just keep up on my posts and get inspired to start a cleansing journey soon.  I'll be leading a fall Vata Dosha cleanse at Core Power Yoga San Diego/Point Loma at the end of October.

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