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Monday, September 12, 2011

Beaming Cleanse: Day One Down & Feeling The Vibe!

Good news...i'm not hungry, i love all my juices, smoothies, soups, and salads, and i feel STELLAR!  My energy is through the roof and i'm so happy to have a days worth of nutrients PREPARED FOR ME!!!   Hopefully i have this same momentum days 2 through 5!

Here's what i had today:

Lemon water (about 20oz), not pictured
Beaming Green Juice #1:  kale, cucumber, celery, lime, ginger, pea sprouts, and cayenne.  This gave me insane buzzy energy.  (Each juice/smoothie is about 16oz.)

Superfood Smoothie #2:  alkaline water, coconut water, almond butter, plant based protein (with chia, hemp, rice, and pea protein), probiotics, spinach, mila (chia), and blueberries.  Seriously THE BEST green smoothie i've EVER had...and i make and drink a lot of green smoothies!

Raw Power Soup #3:  pineapple, avocado, alkaline water, jalapeno, cucumber, lime, ginger, with a touch of himalyan sea salt.  I added a few dashes of cayenne for extra spice since i find spice usually curbs my hunger.  It was delicious either way and it was a really big bowl of soup...if i wanted to i could have split it into two servings.

Beaming Green Juice with e3live and MSM #4:  same as first green juice with added nutrients.  e3live is amazing.  It not only oxygenates your cells, aids detoxification, and is a vegetarian source of B12, but it's also brain food.  We all need to drink this smart juice more regularly.

Immunity Elixer #5:  alkaline water, coconut water, MSM, Camu Camu, lemon, ginger, stevia.  Camu camu is the best source of Vitamin C available and MSM is great for hair, skin, nails, inflammation, and joints.  Not only am i going to feel amazing within these five days, but i'm going to look HOT!  Dusting off my skinny jeans and high heels right now!  even more reason to cleanse!

Rawkin Salad:  chopped cabbage, cukes, romaine and spinach, seeds, spicy nuts (pepitas, sunflower seeds and pistachios), bell peppers, green onion, and a yummy light tahini dressing (not sure what's in it...maybe lemon, apple cider vinegar, and a litte tahini?).  It's a pretty big salad, big enough to fill me up.  Plus all the crispy cabbages were nice to crunch on after a day of liquid.  If i did a longer/harder workout today or was a man and had a higher caloric need, i might have tossed in some extra greens and some avocado or sprouted sunflower seeds.  For was perfect and tasted very fresh.  If i get hungry later i do have some avocado and celery in the fridge, but hopefully i'll carry though the evening fine.

I have two teas to sip tonight (one called 'purify me', i'm making now) and a couple triphala tablets to help tonify ye'old digestive organs.  I haven't needed to add in anything else to satiate me, though if we need we can add in 1/2 an avocado, cuke slices, jicama slices, or celery.  I think my saving grace today was all the water i consumed in between my beaming juices...i'm sure this helped hold me over.  I have a tendency to not drink water if it's plain, so i made a big pitcher of herbal iced tea last evening (i carry big 32 oz mason jars with me so i can sip all day).  Having something in my water, whether it be herbal iced tea, lemons, cukes, or mint, makes me more interested in drinking and staying hydrated.  Come evening if you are having trouble resisting wine, put whatever you are drinking in a wine glass and give it the same amount of love and appreciation you would for your fermented grape drink.  Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it.

Inspired to cleanse yet????  Start now.  Make this week clean and green.  Use ideas from the menus i'm posting (i'll still post clean recipes for you this week too), older blog posts i've written, yoga journal and whole living magazine are great resources, as are books on cleansing like Adina's Neimerow 'Super Cleanse' and Kris Carr's 'Crazy Sexy Diet', and movies like Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  OR send me questions in the comments section below.  Always great to have community support!  Plus reading about cleansing while you are cleansing can really help to keep you on track.


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