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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yum Milk: Satisfying & Packed with Superfoods

Many of you know i did Beaming Cleanse back in August with great success.  I lost 5 lbs that i managed to keep off, regained my healthy habits, and i've incorporated a lot more superfoods into my diet since which has kept my energy levels high.  I've gotten a lot busier lately too, and i think these additional superfoods are helping to support my energy and adrenals during this transitional and somewhat stressful/busy time in my life.

Cool News...I'm now working for Beaming...YAY!  I'm doing everything from writing web content, to educational ebooks, to recipe development.  This week i spent many hours in the 'test' kitchen with our head chef Jesus Gonzalez, Lisa Odenweller (the founder of Beaming), and many hours in my own test kitchen as well.  Armed with a wealth of superfoods and supplements, and in a Beaming sort of way, i'm pleased to share my morning smoothie with you today.  Get yourself an artillery of superfoods (maca, chia, coconut, mequite, lucuma, and high quality plant based protein powder) and let's get this superfoods smoothie party started!

By the way, we just launched the beaming website (click here for  We still have a little work to do on it, but i'd love for you to check it out...and if you 'Sign up' on the beaming webpage we'll send you an informative superfood ebook with a handful of winning superfood smoothies, written by yours truly!  :)

Yum Milk Superfood Smoothie

3/4 c coconut water
1/2 c vanilla unsweetened almond milk
1/4 c water and 2 ice cubes
1 T ground chia
1 T protein powder (beaming will be selling their proprietary special's AMAZE BALLS! and doesn't taste like chalky oversweet powder)
1 T almonds
1 T dried coconut shreds/flakes or 1/2 tbsp of coconut butter
1 tsp vanilla spice maca
1 tsp lucuma
1 tsp mesquite
5 dashes cinnamon

um.....YUM!!!!!!  sorry the pic is so's from my phone.  I wasn't patient enough to get out the big daddy camera.  This shiggity shake was asking to be drunk, yo!

Superfoods breakdown:

Maca increases your energy and has a balancing effect on your endocrine system/hormones.

Lucuma is a sweet peruvian fruit.  Ground into a powder it acts as a nutrient rich sweetener to your smoothies.  It has a carmely/maple like flavor and is rich in beta carotene, niacin, and iron.

Mesquite is a seed pod from South's a cousin of carob.  It's got a sweet, almost nutty/smokey flavor and has a balancing effect on your blood sugar.

Cinnamon can help lower LDL cholesterol, boosts brain function, controls blood sugar, plus it inhibits bacterial growth and food spoilage, making it a natural preservative.

Coconut is comprised of medium chain fatty acids that help to INCREASE your metabolism.

Almonds are revered for their vitamin E content, and are a delicious source of antioxidants.

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