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Saturday, January 7, 2012

"The Chelator" Detox Smoothie & Bouncing Back From Holiday Fare

I found this snapshot on Pinterest - such a great tutorial on green drinks!

The holidays came and went, and left me behind feeling a bit run down.  Time to Bounce Back with a little detox, rest, and some solid nutrition!  My days lately are filled with produce....FILLED.  Breakfast is a detox green smoothie (recipe below) or raw veggies and salsa, lunch not much different but may include a bit of protein (egg white or protein powder), snacks are green apple, grapefruit, pumpkin seeds, and dinner a big plate of cooked veggies.  Drinking lots of water and a bit of kombucha.  I'm a few days in and while i'm feeling the effects of detox (lower back/kidney aches) and a little fatigue (i'm ready to hit the sheets by 8pm), i'm sleeping INCREDIBLY soundly (it's the first time i haven't woke up sweating in weeks!), and my 'puffy suit' is on it's way out.  When i'm wrapped up indulging in holiday fare i completely forget how amazing healthy feels.....and oooooh, does it feel good!

Many of you know i've been working with Beaming Cleanse since August.  Those of you who are hearing it for the first time check them out on facebook where i post daily tips, they are AMAZING.  Beaming is San Diego's premier cleansing company!  Daily you pick up a cooler of fresh pressed juices, smoothies, elixers, soups, salads, supplements, and teas.  There are two cleanses coming up that still have space (Jan 9th sold out quick!).  If you are interested in participating in either the January 16th or January 23rd four day cleanse, please use my personal discount code to receive 10% off:  BeamMeUp-Meredith.

Meanwhile....let's get you feeling back to normal with a detoxifying green smoothie.  This one is packed with cilantro which is the BEST natural chelater to help carry toxins and heavy metals out of the body!

The Chelater Detox Smoothie:

Water from one coconut
1/4 cup flesh from one coconut
6-7 medium swiss chard leaves
1 solid fistful cilantro
optionally 3 drops stevia (try before you add, it has a great natural sweetness without stevia)

blend it up in a high powered blender and enjoy. 

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