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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Inspirations For A Prosperous & Happy New Year (and a few tips on how to reach your goals)

Good Luck reaching your goals in 2012.  The first day of a brand new year is always the perfect time for reinvention.  Here are a few tips i've read in the past few days on goal setting and willpower that were impactful reminders for me and i hope are for you as well:

1.  When setting a resolution, never say 'I won't do this again' sets you up for failure.  Rather state what you will do instead.  example, DON'T SAY: "I won't eat sweets late at night anymore".  STATE:  "I will have tea after dinner"

2.  Write your intentions/goals AND the steps you need to take to achieve them.  Use the SMART chart:

Specific Goal,  Ask the 6 W's:  Who is involved?  What do you want to accomplish? When is the time frame? there a location? Which are your requirements/contraints? Why - what is your specific purpose for this goal?
Measurable goal, When you measure your progress you stay on track.  Ask...How much?  How many?  How will i know when it's accomplished?
Attainable.  Plan your steps wisely and make sure you have a time frame.
Relevant.  Are you willing and able to take these steps?  Make sure you are being realistic.
Time Bound.  You need to have a structured time frame and check in points along the way.  If your goal is to lose 10 lbs and you haven't stated that you want to lose it by May, you can't measure your steps along the way at your weekly and monthly check ins.

3.  Trust that you have AND USE willpower everyday and learn how to better tap into it.  Self-control and intelligence are the two traits that predict "positive outcomes" in life.  We all know that with self control we are less likely to make bad decisions that negatively impact health.  Realize that you use willpower everyday when you get up to go to work instead of going to bed, when you don't yell at your boss, and when you get off the couch and go do yoga or run.  You can use that same willpower to push you to achieve your goals.  Rather than looking at willpower as forcing yourself to do something, look at it as having the strength to do what matters most to you.

4.  Creating a habit or changing one usually takes about a month.  If you continue to practice your new habit for more than 6 months it becomes a lifestyle. 

5.  WRITE IT ALL DOWN AND REVISIT YOUR JOURNAL OFTEN.  It will remind you of where you want to me, and help you make the correct decisions along the way.



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