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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Noodle This: Raw Zucchini Pasta

raw zucchini julienne peeled with little tomatoes, goat cheese, and sauce of zucchini, nutrition yeast, braggs,  tomatoes, onion powder, and cumin
I don't consider anything about pasta to be skinny-people food.  I don't care how many size 2 italian hotties you know that swear by it daily (eva longoria, you're one lucky B), or for that matter how many french woman you know that are trim and eat cheese and drink wine daily (shouldn't the question really be how they make it look so classy? Pretty sure i kiss class a fat bah-bye when i start to drink!).  I surely don't look as good as them when i eat pasta, cheese, or drink wine.  'Tis why I avoid pasta.  It's processed, starchy, carby and seems to do nothing for me.  Sure it tastes good, but doesn't make me feel amazing or look amazing. Honestly, I'd rather just eat the sauce, and while that might not be socially acceptable, or even possible to order out (yes please sir, i'll have the sauce...  no,  no pasta... just gimme the sauce), i've found a viable, light, and healthy solution that allows me to enjoy 'pasta' AND a healthy sauce.

Enter Raw Zucchini Pasta.

There are multiple ways to transform your zucchini squash into noodles: saladacco/spiralizers (make angel hair like noodles), spiroolis, regular old veggie peelers will give you a flat/alfredo noodle, and my favorite to use is a julienne peeler!  Julienne Peeler is like a regular veggie peeler only it has teeth so as you swipe it down your zucchini it forms long strands/noodles.  It'll take you 2 minutes (or less) to turn a zucchini into a noodle, and another 2 minutes (or less) to make your sauce and garnishes.

Use your julienne peeler to peel your organic zucchinis (skin on and washed) until you get down to seed, at which point stop.

from this....

To this.
Chop the middle/seeded part left of the zucchinis and toss into your high powered blender with any variety of mix ins to make a creamy raw pasta sauce.  I make different variations on it each time.  Here's one to try:

one chopped zucchini inner
1/8 of an avocado
2 Tbsp Nutrition Yeast
5 sprays Braggs
1/8 cup fresh basil
a few shakes of onion powder
optional small clove of garlic
1/4 cup water (or just enough to thin to a good creamy consistency)
2 Tbsp Pine Nuts.

You can make a less fattening sauce using no avocado or nuts, or a tomato sauce with sun dried tomatoes.  I make different variations on this each time.  Get creative.  Use spices like cumin, or toss in a handful of greens like spinach or arugula.

Food process a bunch of greens such as chard and basil together into little bits to stir into your pasta and dress with some goat cheese, tomatoes, and lemon or balsamic.

If you want to keep it raw, skip putting any cheese on it and toss a 1/4 cup of raw pine nuts in the food processor and process down to a parmesan like consistency - here's your raw pasta topper!

This dish ALWAYS goes over great in the summer.  Everyone loves it.  It's light, refreshing, inventive, and is a great alternative to heavy pasta dishes.


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