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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Skinny Margy For Your Two-Piece Wearing Days

Red straw, blue umbrella, i think we have ourselves a signature Independence Day Drink!

If that picture doesn't make you want a cocktail, i don't know what will?  Today you're gonna wet your whistle on skinny (aka lower calorie) margaritas.

First off get your tequila.  I recommend hitting up a BevMo.  This place is a partier's paradise, it's like Toys R Us for serious boozers.  So clearly, when discussing this evening's plans we chose to hit this alcoholics oasis to wet our beach dried whistles.

Casing the joint for just the right cocktail, I entertained the thought of buying Bethany Frankel's 'Skinny Margarita' at the store.  The bummer for me was not seeing an ingredient list.  I checked out all the margarita mix ingredients and decided to forego anything pre-made and try my hand at my own lime based skinny margarita.  I suggest you do the same, most mixes are filled with crap preservatives, low grade sugars, un-natural and low qualities products, and Miss Frankel's Skinny Marg is no exception.  Just read about her so called 'natural' skinny margaritas (and the lawsuit she's dealing with for her use of the word 'natural' instead of 'carcinogenic', as it probably should be labeled with a skull and cross bones, along with every other margy mix on the shelves).

Yes it's a skinny margy, but truth be told boozing makes you fat.  That's the real skinny!  And take it from me.  I used to be FAT and i used to BOOOOOZE!  It's never too late to wake up and decide to make positive change or even just practice moderation, in all aspects of living.
So for all you two-piece loving ladies who want a cocktail but don't want it to effect your beached up and pool-side lounging confidence, here's a really great solution!  All you need is a sac of limes, a liter of club soda, some tequila blanco, liquid stevia, and a hand citrus press (it makes this a really quick and painless job).  Ladies, did you know some margaritas come in at around 400-500 calories depending on the mix that's used?  Yeah, that's about 1/4 of your daily calories!  You could eat two bowls of pasta or a 1/2 cup of alfredo sauce for that many calories!!!!  My skinny margaritas are around 85 calories: 1 ounce shot of tequila (70 calories), about 1 lime (15 calories), club soda (0 calories), and stevia (0 calories).

Bust out your hand citrus press.  Hopefully you already have one,  I did not, but don't worry BevMo has these too!  I've eyed them at the stores multiple times, but being the frugal and resourceful individual i like to think i am, i always thought my other hand press was just as quick and efficient.  Not the case.  This hand citrus press will put you out a meesely $10 bux and it's well worth every red cent!

Okay then, let's get on with this margarita maddness!

Press a bunch of limes into a pitcher (i used 9), fill it up with club soda (33 oz, low sodium), add a sweetener (i chose liquid stevia to save calories, 20 drops), and add your favorite tequila blanco as you pour each cocktail over ice.

I don't think liquid stevia is probably the healthiest of all things as clearly it's a highly refined/processed form of stevia, but i'm hoping it's better than the pink, yellow, blue packet alternatives, and thankful that it's zero calories!

These margaritas are fresh, tasty, and boyfriend approved.

don't let the lack of smile throw you off.  As a photographer, i think he believes he has to be stoic in every portrait, ha.
Dress optionally with fresh stevia leaves, mint leaves, lime, and of course an umbrella and straw.  All summer cocktails should don an appropriately festive and tropical umbrella!


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