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Friday, August 30, 2013

Eating with Go Raw, Day 10

Today was a SCORCHER! 

You know it's hot when you go to hot yoga just to 'cool' off.  We're in the thick of summer here in San Diego.  There are not enough cold showers, cold beers, chilled white wine, and mint ice tea to keep this community cool.  I decided to fore-go lunch today for a mini frozen yogurt treat.  It seemed like the perfect summer day for it.  Since it's staying in the 80's through the evening, i'm STOKED to not have to lift a finger in the hot kitchen.  Thank you Go Raw Life Center!!!

Day 10 Go Raw Meal Pack:

The small meal pack contained: watermelon, granola with almond milk,
green blended smoothie, pumpkin bar,  raw fudge, and 2 KILLER salads!!!

I started the day with the 7 grain Gluten Free Cereal i blogged about yesterday, and had the green blend mid-morning (spinach, romaine, cucumber, celery, kale, apple, banana, sprouted chia, lemon, and spirulina).   With all of this heat i'm not very hungry, so lunch was a mini Frozen Yogurt, and my boyfriend and I enjoyed the salads this evening.

Tomorrow will be my last day utilizing the Go Raw program as an adjunct to my diet.  Though i'm happy to have been able to stay out of the kitchen on a hot day like today, I'm actually looking forward to getting back to preparing my own food (obviously it is a passion of mine).  It's been great to have a break from it, and now i'm re-inspired to get creative in the kitch and mimic some of these fantastic dishes Go Raw has served me the past couple weeks. 


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