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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eating with Go Raw Life Center, Day 7

As i mentioned yesterday, i'm no longer calling this a Go Raw 'cleanse'.   This food plan is very supportive to enjoy longterm while still keeping me away from dairy and gluten, minimal packaged foods, and also helps me maintain portion control.  In eliminating the word 'cleanse' i aim also to diminish any labeling around how i'm eating/this program.  I don't believe it's beneficial to be dogmatic about diet longterm by labeling yourself as raw, vegan, vegetarian, etc etc.  That's why i use the word, Flexitarian when asked.  I believe a diet high in plant based foods is beneficial, but confining ourselves to labels is only self-limiting.  Since i've now completed a 6 day raw program (questionably a cleanse for some), I want to feel free to experience the allowance of supplementing in foods that may not be considered 'raw cleanse approved'.  The reason for keeping 'go raw' in the title of my journey is simply because Go Raw Life Center is the company from which i'm acquiring all the prepared foods (which just so happen to be raw foods).

Starting tomorrow i have requested to switch from the 'original' primary meal pack to a 'small' meal pack which essentially is one meal less.  I love food and if it's here i'll eat it.  I think i'm eating more than i need simply because it's in my pack.  I also have asked to swap out my daily entree (which often is rich in nut pates and delicious seed and nut sauces) with a salad.  I've always called this kind of raw food (fancy dishes with nuts/seed pates, albeit super delicious) - celebratory raw food.  When i first embarked on a raw diet over 6 years back i ate too much of this 'celebratory' raw food and not enough greens which caused me to put on weight.  While my weight did originally drop during this program 1.5 lbs, this morning i was back up to where i started.  That said, the past few days i have been eating MORE CELEBRATORY RAW FOODS (such as super cookies and raw granola) than what is supplied for me daily in the meal pack.  This most likely is bumping my caloric levels higher than what is necessary.  Hopefully with the smaller meal pack there will be less temptation around me (???) 

This morning was the first time i experienced true hunger.  Perhaps because i ramped up the exercise yesterday. I woke up ravenous at 3:30am thinking it was 6am.  I forced myself back to sleep, stomach hollow, only to wake up again every 20 minutes in the 4am hour.  I was hungry.  I waited it out, taught a class, then went to the life center to pick up my breakfast.  By then i was fine.  I enjoyed my green juice on the way home, and had the rise and shine cereal they supplied with a few extra grapes, a handful of go raw granola, and some sprouted almond milk.  I felt back on track.

Although i battle in my mind whether i am eating too much nuts/seeds/fats and not enough lean protein, I know it's simply a matter of letting go of my attachment around these concepts.  I feel incredibly nourished and healthy.  In yoga we call the practice of non-attachment Aparagraha. I'm realizing it's an area i need to bring more focus.  I'm trying to trust in the process as it exists.  Still all of my clothes are fitting great, i've been receiving compliments, and i'm feeling good too.  PLUS, i'm not bloated AT ALL which is something i deal with time to time and totally ruins the chances of rocking skinny jeans with confidence. So i'm just going with it for now...

Day 7's Notes and Noshes:

Original Meal Pack contained: grapes, watermelon, raw tostada, sorta caesar salad, second salad, raw chocolate, mini go raw bar, and green juice.  Since it was the start of my second 6 day program i got to pick out two more bags of goodies: spirulina super chips and spicy flax snax (pictured upper right and slightly cut out).

7:30am Green Juice mad with kale, romaine, celery, apple, cucumber, ginger, and lemon
Rise & Shine Cereal (upper right) was sunflower and pumpkin seed based with apple.  I added a few grapes, a handful of Go Raw Granola, and Sprouted Almond Milk.
10am Mid Morning Snack of grapes, watermelon, and a mini live pumpkin bar (these are my FAVE!)

2pm Lunch was a raw tostada (upper left).  This was my absolute fave dish so far.  Made with a walnut chorizo, cashew queso, and layered with romaine and spicy salsa over raw onion bread.  I also had the salad in the upper right with spring mix, red pepper, cukes, celery, onion, tomato and an italian vinaigrette.  Lunch has been my biggest meal lately (which is in alignment with the teachings of ayurveda), and has helped me feel nourished throughout the remainder of the day, lessening the need to eat a large evening meal.  I may have also polished off the raw chocolate.   :0

7pm i plan to have the salad in the bottom left: Sorta Caesar.  Lettuces, cukes, red pepper, tomatoes, spicy chia chips, and a raw take on caesar dressing.  I crushed up a handful of spicy flax snax (pictured below) to toss onto my salad as 'crunchy croutons' as well.  MANGE!

and um, i may have also polished off the spirulina chips this afternoon and am finishing my eve now with a glass of vino.
LOL...Old habits die hard.  I've got to stop buying these super chips/cookies.   I seriously devour the whole bag every time i get them!  They are THAT good.


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