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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Go Raw Food Cleanse: Day 1

A while back i stumbled upon this incredible quote:

"When i loved myself enough, i began leaving whatever wasn't healthy.  This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits - anything that kept me small.  My judgement called it disloyal.  Now i see it as self-loving."

My decision to do this cleanse was truly an opportunity to express more self-love, an area where i've seen myself as slightly inadequate lately.  I don't care how much i meditate, practice yoga, teach self-love, and try it on for size, i still battle with it in some ways.  I still look in the mirror and don't always love what i see, still throw my hairbrush like a little girl time to time, eat/drink food that i know will make my feel shite, and still spend way to much time beating myself up over silly little things.  I also watch my patterns as they roll all over the place; from good girl ways, to slightly deviant, from eating clean, to drinking nightly, from fitness freak to lazy bum.  I strive for balance, look for it daily, sometimes can catch it, and other times ride my extremes.  

I have a feeling i'm not alone.

The quote however made me think about the impact my yoga/meditation practice has had on me.  I'm softer.  I love myself more.  I preach that which i'm learning to embrace.  It's all a journey.  My yoga practice has given me more patience (with myself).  It's helped me turn an imbalanced diet into a much cleaner version of my sometimes on sometimes off ways.  It's helped me see that raw, vegan, or any other label simply confines me rather than transforms me.  It's from this place that i see i really have embraced self-love.  It's not about how i look in the mirror, or an occasional tantrum, how many 'likes' i get on IG or FB, it's about creating my authentic self and owning my power and passion in this.

Enter this cleanse.

I've been in an 'off ' way lately.  Blame it on summer, traveling, long days, and warm nights.  No matter.  I've fallen off, and I see the habits i've embraced do not reflect true self-love nor do they give me the sparkle or radiance i seek.  That's when i knew i needed to nurture myself.  I opted for this specific cleanse because it sounded easy.  It's easier to have the food made for me.  It's also great to receive food prepared in ways different than i may have done on my own, thus preventing me from using less than quality ingredients or allowing little habitual things i use when i cook/eat to slip in here and there. 

I hope you too are joining in this journey of self-love; whether it's choosing to upgrade your choices and committing to yourself, meditating more, doing more yoga, eating cleaner, or alkalizing and doing a cleanse.   Here's a look at what I ate on Day 1:  all foods provided by Go Raw Life Center In Point Loma (San Diego)....

8am green juice

11am Go Raw Granola (buckwheat based)

2pm beet & greens with pumpkin seeds and sesame dressing

4:30pm pre-yoga snack

6:30pm small serving raw fettichini alfredo

8:30pm Salad
 (was in a meditation class from 6-8:30, otherwise i'd try to eat earlier) 

8:30 i had this fruit along with the raw mint chocolate square i was provided as dessert

i was also given a small spirulina go raw bar
and 2 bags of Go Raw cookies to enjoy throughout the week.
I did not have either of these today.


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