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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Go Raw Foods Cleanse, Day 4

For the sake of consistency i will continue to call this a 'raw foods cleanse', but to be more accurate this is a raw food meal plan.  I'm still eating some prepackaged foods, albeit they are only all Go Raw foods which are raw, dehydrated and contain no preservatives.  I am still eating chocolate, albeit it is merely one piece of raw chocolate daily.  I am still eating sugar, though it's only sugar in pure forms such as fresh fruit and bars or cookies made with dehydrated dates.  I too am still having salt, though it is only sodium in the form of coconut aminos.  

For many, this would be a cleanse (no gluten, no dairy, no meat and if you stick only to what they've given you there is also no alcohol, and the only caffeine would come from the small square of chocolate you get daily).  For me this is a very convenient raw food meal plan that gives me perfect portions of whole plant based delectable foods.  Not once have i felt deprived, even when i sat with my friends over sushi last night.  Not once did i feel like i was missing out, nor did i have any cravings.  I have been perfectly content with all the delicious food i have consumed each day.  I would completely recommend this for someone who needs to get back into the swing of great habits, wants to try out raw foods, or simply wants perfectly portions healing foods prepared for them.  

Here's Today's Noshes & Notes:

here's a picture of everything that came in my meal pack today
the 'green blend' and super cookies listed below i had picked up last night in case i needed a bit more on friday night.
I ate them today.  :)

7:30am Green Juice: romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, ginger, lemon

10am Green Blend and a bag of Go Raw Super Cookies.
Green Blend is spinach, romaine, cucumber, kale, banana, lemon, celery, spirulina, apple, & sprouted chia

Polished this bag off lickity split.  Super Cookies = Super Delicious
I've also noticed that the days i'm not given a 'breakfast' cereal, that i'm a bit more snacky with the cookies and bars.
This girls likes to chomp in the A.M.

3pm Lunch was Salad and Spiralized Zucchini.
The salad had tomatoes, romaine, red onion, butternut squash, sunflower seeds, red pepper, celery and a vinaigrette.

Spiralized Zucchini with tomatoes and a cashew cheese AND i ate the raw chocolate, YUM.

6pm flax crackers and guacamole
8:30pm Dinner Salad: kale, red and green lettuce, celery, tomatoes, raisins, cukes, and a creamy dill tahini dressing

my meal pack also contained these plums and a container of watermelon that i have not consumed today.


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