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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Go Raw Foods Cleanse, Day 5

Unfortunately i was ill-prepared for day five's start.  I didn't pick up my meal pack last night and the Go Raw Life Center opens at 9am on Sundays (every other day it opens at 7am).  My stomach requires nourishment prior to 9am.

I ate the honeydew and watermelon left from days previous, hit the co-op and picked up Go Raw Apple - Cinnamon Granola, Sprouted Almond Milk, and more Go Raw Super Cookies to keep in line with my program.

Though i'm feeling great, I realize i am having WAY too much sugar.  This is mostly because i've been hitting the super cookies like a freakin' super hero.  That said i'm quite happy to report this has not caused weight gain, bloating, or anything of the like, however i'm very aware of the detrimental effects of sugar, and my next steps will be to lessen the sugar i'm eating. 

Day 5 Notes & Noshes:

Here's the whole meal pack: 2 salads, 2 fruit bowls, one sunbutter bar,
 a raw teriyaki dish, a red blended drink, snack bar and a raw chocolate.
7am honeydew and watermelon

8:30am: 1/3 cup Go Raw Apple-Cinnamon Granola with a half banana and sprouted almond milk
9am Gingersnap Go Raw Super Cookies
1pm was a Go Raw Mini Live Pumpkin Bar to hold me over until lunch
(was out with my friends while they were brunching)

2:30pm Salad and a Raw Teriyaki dish made with red pepper, cucumbers, mushrooms,
 riced raw butternut squash, and a teriyaki dressing.  Plus a raw chocolate.
5pm Sunbutter Date Bar

8pm dinner salad with spring mix, cucumber, carrot, red pepper,
portobello mushroom and spicy cilantro jalapeno dressing

My meal pack today also contained plums, blueberries, canteloupe and a red blended drink made with beets, carrots, apples, and cucumbers.  Since i had already had breakfast when i picked it up, i didn't have any of this, but i did give the red drink a little sip and can attest that it's super good.  I'm hoping it'll be just as good tomorrow.


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  1. I agree 100% with the sugar thing on this "cleanse". Entirely too much sugar and sweetness for me but the salads and raw dishes (avocado sammy, falafal, mock tuna wrap) are delish! I haven't touched the raw crackers / cookies, not my kind of snack, and my fruit has almost seemed bad (browing with an off taste) so I haven't had much of that but, if I were to pick up daily vs 2 days at a time, I think the experience would have been better. Overall, it was a great way to re-set my eating habits post 6 weeks off my regular schedule and made me realize I essentially eat raw anyway, ha!


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