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Sunday, August 18, 2013

How I Roll On Sundays: Food, Fashion, & Fab Finds in OB

It's been a while since i posted a 'Sunday' segment, and this one's not to disappoint.  This little health food maven put in some solid hours at a local public house today and turned a potentially fried food fiasco into a happy and healthy foodie experience.  Check it out and uncover a few other little local gems, my quick and delicious post workout shake recipe, and get inspired to come visit my sleepy little San Diego beach town: Ocean Beach.

7:30am:  Wake up call to hit the Lazy Hummingbird for a decaf americano before my 8am workout.

The Hummingbird is the best coffee shop in OB.
It's independent and has the best local's vibe.  (off santa monica / OB)

8am:  Got my arse kicked at LisaFit (off wabaska in point loma).  

I know she looks sweet doing yoga and all, but she's really a B.
Nah, i play, but she'll kick your arse in the gym.  I often tell her i'm going to puke and she'll still say
"I don't care, NO EXCUSES!" 

My girl Lisa Yee at LisaFit will get you ripped in no time.  She got me bikini ready in 4 weeks.  If you need a killer workout - she's your girl.  The workouts are different each time you come in, and will most certainly challenge the fittest of athletes. 

9:30am:  I stumbled upon a major yard sale score on the way home from my workout.   I'm a sucker for handmade vintage shawls and couldn't resist this one - only $2, AND it has pom-pom's ... a true thrifty find!  

This yard sale is set up pretty much EVERY weekend by my house.
(Ebers at West Point Loma in OB)

10am:  Refueled with my favorite on the go protein shake and cleaned up for my date.

Protein Shake Recipe:
3/4 cup almond milk,
1/4 cup water,
1 packet of Vanilla Chai Vega,
1 Tbsp of Vitamineral Greens, and Ice.

12:30pm   Date at Raglan Public House.  (at Bacon & Niagra in OB)

I've been to Raglan a handful of times and never have been disappointed.  I'm always impressed with the caliber of food from this unassuming, yet uber hip pub.  If you're a meat eater, you'll be pleased to learn that all the burgs are grass fed.  If you're a fish eater you can get seared ahi or talapia, and vegans check out their veggie burgs, portobello fries, salads, and corn on the cob. 

seared ahi over baby greens

Andy hit the brunch menu today and ordered the shrimp and grits.  While this is anything but a health food dish i will say it was delicious and he practically licked his plate clean.  I ordered the seared ahi over baby greens (the pub is super accommodating about adjusting dishes to fit your specific needs) .  It was GREAT, actually better than any seared ahi i've gotten at any restaurant lately.  Plus it was super clean food.  The salad had only onions, artichoke, asparagus, tomatoes, and baby greens.

1:30pm  Our buddy Cliff was biking by so we invited him to join. 

Cliff (showing off his vintage Tee) owns Splaff an eco-friendly company
that uses recycled tires and hemp as fabrication for flip flops and apparel.
Check it out.  His flops are some of my personal faves

We grabbed a few spirits:  a bloody mary, a bloody beer, and a moscow mule.

**On a side note Raglan hosts a happy hour for weekend warriors from 10am to 3pm with $3 blood marys, bloody beers, sangria, and mimosas.  They also do $10 beer flights ($6 on mondays/$8 on wednesdays for 6 four ounce tastes).  While i'm not a beer drinker, i'm totally entertained watching my boyfriend drink 24 ounces of beer in the time that i finish one drink (at which point my patience typically runs out and we bolt...hence he's learned to finish his beers quick. ;)  GULP!

beer flights are served in cupcake pans
3:30pm  After a 'three hour tour' lunch, and a lot of gabbing, i had to put out my sweet tooth at our local candy shop on Newport Ave.

A bite of dark chocolate almond bark before hitting the beach.

While on Newport we also hit our local record shop and picked up a $5 Al Green vinyl, and stumbled upon two cute little lemonade hustlers that took us for all we had left.  

5pm After a little beach time we rode our bikes home, listened to our record, and finished our evening cruising the hood with PUG. 

it's now 9pm...night night 
& Sweet Dreams Lovers.  
I'm going to bed.


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