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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bye Bye Tavi, Hello SoCal: Adventures, Tips, & Recipes

It's a little jarring coming back to civilization after spending a week as an islander.  If you've been following my instagram feed (@meredithgnau), you're a little more privy to the beauty i've been surrounded by this past week.  For those that haven't been, I'll post a quickie recap with shots here, but make sure you follow IG too for ongoing foodie daily inspirations.  

If you just want your grateful recipes for today, 
scroll on down and you'll find them at the bottom 
(2 recipes: Daily Grind Green Smoothie and Gluten Free 7 Grain & Chia Cereal).

When traveling I always bring a pack of supplements and food that will help me maintain my best health while away.  Since digestive/eliminative problems are usually the concern when traveling (due to the increase in Vata dosha/more air and space when traveling) i recommend bringing:  triphala, probiotics, smooth move tea as well as various herbal teas, a colon health blend with psyllium, bentonite, flax, and other such herbs, greens powder, protein powder packets, snack bars, flax crackers,  and chia.  I also packed my 7 grain cereal with popped amaranth (recipe below).  I didn't necessarily need all of this, but it gave me comfort to have it available.  I did use the triphala and probiotics daily, had some of the teas (including the therapeutic one), and ate much of the food i packed (7 grain cereal every morning, flax crackers in the later afternoon, and the bars were great for travel days), pretty much everything except the protein powders since so much protein food/fish was available on this trip.

My trip to Tavarua, Fiji was sandwiched between two LA trips where i hit my fave spots and saw my fave peeps.  I've blogged about Cafe Gratitude before, so i won't waste to many words here on it, but bottom line is GO if you are in Venice.  There is a little yoga studio next door, so plan on taking a class, sweating it out then getting your grateful grub on.

Tavi was great...from swimming in crystal clear water, to enjoying fresh fish daily, laying in the sun, teaching yoga, meeting the amazing locals, and sipping too much kava.  Island life is good...chill.  There are no cars, no meetings, no need to check email or make phone calls.  It's all about a great hammock, a boat and a fishing pole, a bikini, sunscreen, and a good bartender.  I had my fair share of fish, sushi, and sashimi (all mostly tuna and should probably get my mercury levels checked), maitais, rum and cokes, and coconuts.  Island life treated me well.

To come back to cars, buses, agendas, phones ringing, emails, appointments, and straight up WORK is truly jarring, but i still appreciate all that is happening and love my life.  For each journey we end we simply step into the next, and i'm ready for what this next adventure will bring.  Today i'll start mine with a green smoothie.  :)

Daily Grind Green Smoothie:

6 ounces coconut water (or use regular water)
a few ice cubes
1 peeled orange or seeded unpeeled nectarine (depending on the season)
1 peeled ripe banana
a couple handfuls of spinach

Blend and garnish with hemp seeds, bee pollen, warrior toppings, and your favorite straw.

7 Grain & Chia Cereal:

While i was traveling i packed up an easy on the go breakfast.  It's great for traveling, but just as perfect for your morning meal at home.  Easy to make and so delicious.

1/3 cup popped amaranth (click link by picture below for tutorial)
1 Tbsp chia seed
1/2 tsp of coconut sugar
1/8 tsp sea salt
almond milk or creamer

learn how to pop amaranth here
Put everything except the almond milk or creamer in a mug and cover with hot water.  Stir and cover for about 5 minutes to thicken.  Pour in a couple Tbsp's to 1/4 cup of almond milk or creamer (depending on thickness preferred), and enjoy.  This was my travel brekkie that got me through the trip.  It's quick, easy, delicious, and gluten and soy free.


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