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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Half Way Mark: Some Serious Stats

getting there....
What What?  I'm already half way through my fit challenge? Yeah, time FLIES!  

I'm officially half way through my fit challenge = 34 days in.  Woot Woot!  Month one flew by, and today was my first workout in my beta (second) round.  I honestly was so scared to start this round since the workouts in month one are quite challenging, but i was pleased that by my last week in Alpha i was completing all of the pushups and today's Beta start was a success.  My foundation has been built and my strength is ever increasing. 

For those of you just tuning in let me preface this blog entry:  If you know me well you'll know that I've been unsatisfied with my body for quite some time.  Its not that i felt i was extremely overweight, but rather unsatisfied with the results i was getting from my regular workout regime.  My body fat percentage was on the higher end of the safe zone for my age and size and i had trouble accepting that as a fitness professional and someone who works out a lot and eats clean most of the time that i can't have the body like so many others who work out less and eat worse.  I was 'skinny fat', even though i felt that i should be feeling lean and strong based on my activity and diet.

After trying so many different fit regimes: yoga, pilates, bootcamp and trainers, i still was left frustrated that nothing was breaking me out of my plateaus (the pudge that softly surrounded what i knew was a fit body hidden underneath it all).  I had to break out of the mindset I was in and allow myself to step into a place of vulnerability, trust in the process, detach from results, and just follow a plan that had proven results that i could watch others succeeding on while receiving their support and support from a coach.  That's what brought me to this challenge, and inevitably allowed me to truly begin to see the changes i desired.


I took my official half-way measurements today and had the BF take my first 'after' shots.  I'm so thrilled with my success so far that i can't wait to see where the next month takes me!  Here's the stats...

Since Sept 18th:

Down 5 inches

Down 6 pounds

from 28.3% body fat to 25.5% body fat :) 
starting weight 138.5 --->  132.5 after alpha (first month of the challenge)
starting waist measurement 32" ----> 30" (lost 2 inches at my waist)
starting love handle measurement 35" ---> 33.5" (lost 1.5 inches on the ol' love handlebars)
starting chest measurement 35" ---> 34" (yes, the boobies got a little smaller but i think they look better :)

i can really see the difference in my profile/face and in my waist, core, and even definition in my shoulders/arms.  There are no weights in this first round so this is all with body conditioning.  My skinny jeans are now offering me a little wiggle room (always a good indicator of change), and most importantly, i'm loving the program, feeling great, and really happy.   All i'm doing are the 25 minute workouts and drinking the superfood shakeology.

If you want to join in on what i'm doing, I have a November Fit challenge starting soon to get you in your best shape BEFORE the new year.  There are NO EXUSES this year to be hiding under baggy sweaters and moo-moo shaped dresses.  Joining the T25 challenge* is a great way to set yourself up for your best healthy habits through the temptations of the holiday season, and truly allow you to reach your goals in a super supportive and inspiring community.  *Enroll with me to be in my exclusive challenge community and have me as your coach.

To join my challenge groups or follow when they are happening, inquire with me through my coaching page on facebook or email me at  Let me know how i can support you best; whether thats helping you see the results you want, or helping you get set up to run your own challenge groups and help others reach their goals as you reach your own.  You have to let yourself be vulnerable - you have to get uncomfortable - you have to let your guard down, and truly just embrace detachment from results.  Trust me.  I'll help you get to where you really want to be.


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