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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Living Your Best Life: 3 Weeks Deep

What's changed for you in the past week?  Past two weeks?  How about those things you wanted to change in your life 3 weeks ago?  How are they coming along?

If you would have asked me those questions 6 weeks back i would have stammered.  I'd say, "Yah, they're coming along - working on them everyday - ups and downs". Truth be told i am always working on being better, being happier, living healthier, and reaching my goals, who isn't?  You have to stay on top of it because life is a roller coaster.  I know shocking news!  The sad truth is that it's scary  REALLY SCARY maybe even risky, to put yourself out on a limb, be vulnerable and UNCOMFORTABLE, but there is nothing truer than this:

So this is what i did 3 weeks ago.  I posted to you all that i was ready for change.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired with myself and my same hang ups and i was ready to commit (albeit again, but again with gusto) to something transformative.  And i did.  I committed with some (maybe even a heap of) hesitation and trepidation at first.  But i did, I committed.  I said F to feeling how i felt, and F to my body's plateaus, and F to the nay-sayer in my own mind.  I want to be the change i wish to see, and that's exactly how i'm paying it forward in my life.

3 weeks in and you might ask me now:  What's changed for you in the past week?  past 2 weeks?  or 3?  And you know what?  I have an answer for each of those.  Now i will boldly smile from ear to ear and swell with delight to tell you how empowered I feel as i make huge strides in my physical goals and career to help others find their best selves.  Really?  All in three weeks?  Yeah, all in 3 weeks.

Point is.  Sometimes we just need a little push, a supportive community, a hand to lift you higher, and more hands to hold you up there.  If you aren't getting that where you're at right now, then you have to seek it out, and most likely it's a lot closer than you realize.

3 weeks since i started my challenge (not even one month in yet and remember this was a 60 day challenge for me) and I'm excited to show you my progress.  Still i'm holding out til the 30 day mark as originally promised to officially post before/30 days after photos, though you'll see my 'teaser' below.  My body is changing and with it my mind is re-shaping.  I'm letting go of walls of limitations, i'm dropping fears, and being vulnerable to the process, trusting and believing and doors are flying open.  Wide open.  My heart is swelling with satisfaction and gratitude for my coaches and community that pave the way for me.

Here comes the abbies and only 3 weeks in with 25 minute workouts!!!
Still a month and a half to go.  YAY! 
Join my challenge - contact me here.

A huge THANK YOU shout out is in order to my coach Amy who has not only changed her physique dynamically, but has inspired me to follow my passion to help others while helping myself (insert dream job here).

Go Girl!
I ask you to look inward.  Check in with yourself to see if you are moving forward at the pace you want.  Where are the roadblocks?  Where is the lack of support and accountability?

If you need a support or a coach to lift you higher, you've got me.  i'm literally a click away.  i do not charge for my coaching/support.  I'm here for you as my coaches as have been here for me.  We NEED to be here for one another to lift each other up and hold each other high.  Do you want someone to bounce ideas off of, do you want to get involved in a program, do you want to meet people with like-minded interests in health and fitness, do you want an answer to pressing health questions, do you want to learn how to be a health coach?  MESSAGE ME!  seriously.

If you want to reach out but haven't....if it's even crossed your mind for a minute second - do it. The only thing you have to lose by reaching out is curiosity.  And the only thing you have to lose by committing yourself to a program where you receive support and accountability are your less than optimal habits and hang ups.  Shoot, you just might even reach your goals.  I don't know about you, but i think that can be a little scary.  What are you going to do when you reach your goals?  What's next?  Well, there's only one way to find out.

Visit my Site  See you there.


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