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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Two Steps Forward one GIANT step back

It's the second day of a brand new year, and i guess i'm supposed to feel different?  That's what everything around me is saying anyway.

I've done my goal setting, listed out my SMART goals, and even created a vision board.  In an effort to enter the new year with grace, I pushed myself in ways i don't usually to create physical change in my body before year end, which i did successfully.  I didn't stop at the holidays.  I got too busy, didn't take time off, didn't listen to the signals of my body that said to slow down.  I didn't stop.

All of this may sound efficient, but I always say that if you don't slow down the Universe will slow you down.  And that it did.  

I am humbled deeply now in that i can not move.  In my quest to go, go, go, i didn't stop to surrender.  I combined my activities with work, with play, with holiday celebrating, with friends and family, with indulgences countered with light cleanses.   I essentially was like a rabid monkey swinging wildly from one extreme to the next with no regards for what was coming at it.  Now I can hardly stretch or stand up straight.  It hurts to stand, it hurts to sit, it hurts to stretch, it hurts to cough or laugh, it hurts to lift something, it hurts to bend, and it hurts to walk.  When i finally paid attention to the signals my body was giving me, it was too late.  I'm now dealing with a HUGE set back which is interfering with my 2014 goals.

I get that set backs are what push us forward, and that they are that which eventually sparks the fire within us to create solid changes, but how do you get from point A to point Z?  How can i side-step my set backs to help me reach my goal?  I searched high and low for inspiration and found this wonderful article from tiny buddha.  I hope it helps you to see that your set backs and forward movements in life are a culmination of each and every situation.  So just breathe, be okay with what is, and even if your entry into 2014 isn't as graceful as planned, allow it to be in the least and opportunity to discover yourself  greater.

Love Always,



1 comment

  1. Hi Meredith!

    Thanks for sharing, for always being so genuine and real.

    I go to your yoga class every Friday at 9am and I always appreciate your words and insight.

    I love the part on the article you shared where it talks about growth not being linear... I have been recovering from an eating disorder for almost 7 months now and this is something that I have to remember every single day. It's such a relief don't you think? Just knowing that you don't always have to be moving forward... knowing that if you move back it does not mean you failed.

    Remember your own words... hold yourself to a standard of grace and not perfection.

    See you soon!


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