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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Summer Slimdown & Get Back On Track Plan

The days are getting longer, lighter, and warmer.  Spring has sprung, and the curiosities of summer are starting their whisper.  My spring whisperings lately have become a loud hollering - a bit of a reminder that 4 months sans movement means i've lost strength, tone, endurance, and my bikini may be getting swallowed up by the rest of me if i don't get into Go Mode now.  ;)  

My back is healing (I'm 2 months post op), and i've started back up with 25 minutes to fit  along with butt lifting and shaping moves from Bootie Camp.  I'm eating per my Lean 21 system, kicking it off with the 3 day Slim Down as i need to squeeze my sizable white tuckus into some skin-tight slap-tastic swimwear this weekend in Palm Springs.  Side Note - no complaints about that.  Gimme some 90 degree days, great friends, a tube of sunscreen, a cocktail or for me a Mocktail (cuz I'm working on my waistline and we all know that alcohol makes you, well….curvy) and I'll make the damn swimsuit fit.  Check out my linked MOCKTAIL recipe or try the easy No-Cal Refresher Mocktail Recipe Below.

Here are 6 simple ways to get back on track and into your best beach body this Spring.  

*The kicker is you HAVE TO START NOW to get your Summertime results.  Follow each of these steps and i absolutely guarantee you will look your best by Summer.  GUARANTEED.

1.  Join one of my summer slim down programs:  I'm hosting 3 incredible programs all with a full 30 day money-back guarantee.  You know what that means?  I am beyond confident that you will get the results you want with Bootie Camp, Lean 21, or my 30/90 Challenge.  

2. Start drinking Superfood Shakeology once a day to boost your energy, help you find your desired shape, lift your spirits, and regulate digestion.  Shakeology is a wellness supplement comprised of the highest quality superfoods like maca and ashwagandha to boost energy, chlorella and spirulina to detoxify, tulsi to boost your spirits, moringa the incredible superfood with more potassium than bananas and more vitamin A than carrots, probiotics & digestive enzymes to regulate your digestion and de-bloat you, and plant based proteins rich in amino acids.  It's gluten free, soy free, and the vegan flavors are also lactose free.  It is by far the best tasting superfood supplement i've found and it seamlessly blends into shakes and smoothies without having to come up with a ton of recipes.  One scoop has all of your superfood nutrient needs.  No need to buy a bunch of powers, products, herbs or supplements anymore.  It's an all in one wellness formula and it tastes great on its own or mixed with a little fruit or hemp milk / almond milk.

3.  Join my private wellness community, food journal, and find accountability partners.  Your success is reliant upon your commitment to your program.  Your commitment is reliant on having a supportive personal coach, a space of accountability, and a network of others sharing their experience and health journey with you.  Sign up at the link above for a free member enrollment with me and follow my Facebook coaching page for daily tips, recipes, and inspirations.

4.  Get smart about your MACROS and portions. Macro nutrient ratio and proper portions is an incredibly important part of your weight loss success, losing the bloat, and fine tuning your body to get to the shape you desire.  I'm sure you're wondering - 'how do I know how much protein to fat to carb I should be having?  Can I eat fruit, how much, or will it make me gain weight?  What should i eat at night?  Should i eat a grain-free diet?'  Lean 21 will teach you exactly how to redesign your body by using a non deprevating clean eating system focused on whole foods, portion awareness, superfoods, and macros.  You do not have to give up what you love in order for this system to work. You simply need to use the guide, enjoy your treats in the amounts listed, and your body will transform in just 21 days.  Guaranteed.  My jaw hits the floor every time my clients send me their before/after photos.

5.  Switch up your workouts.  Your body gets bored with routine.  Try just 25-30 minutes of HIIT training daily instead of long endurance workouts.  That's all you need.  Instead of putting in an hour at the gym and losing time in travel put in a SOLID high energy 25-30 minutes of work.  Research shows that 30 min of HIIT training is more effective than a longer 60 minute.  Not sure what exercises to do?   Check out the 25 minutes to fit program.  This is the program that gave me my killer results in just 60 days.  

6. Sign up for a FREE Juice & Superfood Smoothie Ebook.  Simply fill out my free member link then contact me here and tell me about YOU.  What's your lifestyle like?  Share with me your personal health and fitness challenges and goals.  Make sure to title the Email FREE EBOOK so i can send it off to you complimentary.  

No-Cal Refresher Mocktail:  
This is the absolute BEST and easiest sipper to enjoy when you need to slim down.  It's sweet, satisfying, and takes away the cravings for calorie filled, sugar laden beverages.  Enjoy.

sparkling water, lemon (or any fruit), 5 drops liquid stevia, ice, straw,
mocktail UMBRELLA - it's a necessity in a proper cocktail


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