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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sol Warriors Costa Rica Retreat

I'm the first to admit i yearned to live the lifestyle of a Fashion Model:  traveling the world, experiencing different cultures, having girlfriends to giggle with that love health and fitness, having the camera lens (aka attention) on you, and not having to pay for it, but rather getting paid for it!  I remember as a kid flipping through 'Teen Magazine' and asking my mom if i could go to Barbizon School of Modeling.  I acted in town plays, sang with a ridiculously vulnerable youthful voice, competed dance and often won the 'honorable mention' (you know, the white ribbon that basically said thanks for trying but you weren't good enough), and was told i wasn't tall enough, pretty enough, photogenic enough, or fit enough to model.  Maybe it stung at the time, but it's all those experiences that motivated me to figure out how i could carve out a career that i'm passionate about living and the lifestyle i desired all while helping others and being of service in this world.  

That's partly how the Sol Warriors Team was born.  Think of a witches brew concocted of 'wanting to reach my physical goals' + 'wanting to help women break their plateaus' + 'wanting to create the lifestyle i desired' + 'having a way to share it with others and create a community where other women could excel at their dreams' + add a little magic (cuz all witches brews have got magic, right?) = and Sol Warriors was born.  Our coach team is a part of a lineage of other very REAL AND RELATABLE PEOPLE, that are balanced health advocates passionate about helping others, and living an inspiring life while having an opportunity to travel the globe and experience their dreams.  

 {mocktails and vino with the girls at El Avion in Manuel Antonio}

This year's annual Sol Warriors Leadership Retreat was in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica at an incredible eco-retreat and yoga center called Vida Asana.  Our retreat is open to any Sol Warriors Diamond Coach who is not only leading an exemplary life of wellness, but those who are vulnerably sharing their journey with others, and leading by example all while helping others start a fun and exciting health and fitness career too.  The Sol Warriors coach bootcamp/mentorship gives you the tools to achieve all of this as does my ongoing coaching and support.  To learn more about how you can get involved and join the team or be on our next retreat, visit the BECOME A COACH page on my website and fill out the application.

 {lunching at Vida Asana}

 {a dip in the pool after yoga and our morning fit sweat sesh}
 {sharing our coaching journey and stories in Jaco}
 {The beauty of the black sand beaches in Playa Hermosa}

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