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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

3 Day Refresh Cleanse

Sometimes you just need a plan that will help you break patterns, debloat, or beat a plateau.  You know when you feel SO STUFFY internally and constantly bloated and puffy?  That was me 4 days back.  I was feeling super 'full' but often still hungry, and i knew i needed a reset to get out of my comfort zone (aka EATING, albeit healthy foods, but too much of them).  I'm so happy i pushed myself to do a cleanse.  It was exactly what i needed to depuff and reset.

I have to say i was really hesitant embarking on this 3 day refresh cleanse at first.  If you personally know me or have followed me here for any length of time you know that i'm a bit of a purist with food and no stranger to fasting, green juicing, and cleansing, and also that i shy away from 'programs' preset with any sort of supplements that i'm not already versed on.  Bottom line, i'm a 'hard' sell.  Over a year ago the company that i trust for nutrition and fitness started offering a 3 day cleanse program that i hesitated to try because i didn't know the ingredients well enough.  I didn't do my homework, didn't bother to learn why the ingredients in it were keys to success, and i just assumed that i knew better.  What i missed out on was the opportunity to lean down and debloat quick and get a result in 3 days that i was chasing for a long time.

Now here's the heart of it.  If you are purely Paleo or Ketogenic and won't touch a shake mix because it's got oat protein or pea protein in it or because there is a little agave in the mix, then RESPECTFULLY this program is probably NOT for you.  You can go to your local juice bar instead and pay $300 for 3 days of liquid that would cost you about $60 to press daily on your own at home (yes your $250 investment in an amazing juicer will have just paid for itself), and i have TONS of recipes to help you HERE.  However IF you are like me and of purist mind but looking for a quick fix  to de-bloat and lean out in 3 days that will not leave you feeling famished and deprived i have a  solution.  As a matter of fact what i loved about this cleanse most is that i wasn't suffering my way though it, and in three short days i not only looked and felt better but my appetite was suppressed and i found myself making better choices because i was simply less interested in filling up on food that wasn't serving my ultimate goal: to nourish my body with that which it needs WHEN it needs it.  

ENROLL HERE to get started on your cleanse.

To see a sample of what you eat in a day CLICK HERE


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