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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Time for a quick refresh: 3 day plant based cleanse

This is one of the cleanses I personally use when I need a kick reset, plateau breaker, jumpstart, or am just feeling constantly 'full and dull'.  Doing a short plant based cleanse is a great way to disturb patterns and create new habits.  Generally speaking we all KNOW what we need to do to get healthy, feel better, lose weight, or debloat, but it's our daily patterns and habits that limit our ability to execute things the way we should.  This short 3 day refresh cleanse is the perfect way to break patterns, reset your body, and allow it time to gently detoxify and heal with 3 days of plant based nutrition and detoxification supplements.

Here's what to expect, Days 1-3:

Upon Waking, have 8-10 ounces of room temp or hot water with lemon
Breakfast (within an hour of waking): a superfood smoothie and a cup of fruit from the recommended list
Mid-Morning, have a cup of detox/fiber tonic mixed with filtered water
Lunch: A vegan vanilla flavored MCT and probiotic shake blended with water.  Enjoy a serving of fruit (or blend it into your vanilla fresh shake), and a serving of veggies from the recommended list, and a healthy fat.
Afternoon Snack, either a green juice or a plate of veggies with or without hummus
Dinner (as least one hour after your afternoon snack), Vanilla MCT/probiotic shake blended with water.  Also enjoy a veggie entree (the meal plan contains many cleanse recipes, and you also get access to my buddha bowl ebooks), and optionally have a cup of veggie broth.
(sample day pictured below)

See my write up/review and results from one of my recent 3 day refresh cleanses HERE.


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