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Monday, November 23, 2015

Your Best Holiday Body Ever Challenge: Hammer & Chisel Beachbody Workout

It's that time of year, when you can either stuff your face with everything imaginable and leave the holidays feeling heavy, foggy, and have a really rought start to 2016, or you can nip your actions in the bud right now and get started on your New Years goals with a fitness challenge and a coach and a community that will keep you accountable all winter long. 

Are you looking for something new to get you inspired to reach your fitness goals this holiday and new year?  "Your Best Holiday Body Ever Challenge" with The Master’s Hammer and Chisel may be the perfect holiday gift to give yourself.  Plan to develop incredible endurance, strength, lean muscle mass, burn fat, and completely redefine your body in 60 days. 

Many of you know i'm part of the Beachbody Elite Coach Team so i've been given early access to preview this body re-defining program which takes strength training, sweat inducing, focused movement to new heights.  Testimonials from our Elite Coach Team who did the pre-release Beachbody Test Group are already surfacing with incredible results.

Danette lost 2.8lbs and 7 inches

The Masters Hammer and Chisel is a uniquely crafted 60-day workout program that will sculpt you from head-to-toe, and completely redefine your shape. Designed by Sagi Kalev, creator of Body Beast and featured in over 50 international bodybuilding magazines and Autumn Calabrese, a fit mom, former equinox trainer, national-level bikini competitor and creator or the 21 day fix and extreme.  You'll get the expertise from both of these top trainers, the motivation, push, safety techniques, and meal plan you need along with my online accountability group and personal coaching to create the perfectly shaped physique you desire as you gain muscle and burn through excess fat. 

Your program will have various workouts with an array of exercises at different intensity levels.  All done at home, or streamed to your smart phone and taken to the gym, you'll have the motivation and safety guidance from top trainers, but get to move at YOUR PACE.  You'll be encouraged by Autumn, Sagi, and myself to PUSH and maximize your 20-40 minute sweat sessions, but have complete control of how long you push, where you customize/modify, and when you rest.  This equals to a safer, more mindful workout for you and injury prevention.  That all said, you will WORK every muscle of your body from your legs, to glutes, to abs, to arms, and your cardio endurance will skyrocket.  When followed correctly for 60 days with the suggested meal plan the results are beyond phenomenal. 

Tarah lost 20.2 lbs and 22.5 inches

A's to your Q's:

What is Hammer and Chisel? 

The Masters Hammer and Chisel program is designed to help both men AND WOMEN get into their absolute best physique and build muscle definition with a mix of weight training, cardio, and focused nutrition.  Though it's a weight training program, the balance of trainers take any 'meat head' mentality out of getting ripped, and helps you focus on meeting your goals despite whether you are a weight room junky, or brand new to weights. 

Who’s behind this innovative new program?

You likely already have heard of Beachbody for their innovative and time tested celebrity trainers and programs like Tony Hortons p90X series, Chalene Johnson's Turbo Fire and PiYo Series, Shaun T's Insanity series, and Autumn Calabrese' 21 day series.  Add to this menu of incredible program "The Masters Hammer and Chisel" which is a dual project from champion bodybuilder Sagi Kalev, the trainer behind Body Beast, and nutrition and fitness expert Autumn Calabrese, whose 21 Day Fix program has been the best selling program to ever be launched by Beachbody, and is known for it's smart and effective portion control system that makes mindful eating and weight loss simple. 

Who’s right for Hammer and Chisel?

Since this program focuses primarily on strength training this program is best for someone who wants to be challenged with slightly heavier weights, stationary exercises, gain cardio endurance, wants to burn fat all while building lean muscle.  Women, don't worry about adding bulk - you'll lean out instead.  This program is designed to boost your metabolism through muscle growth, so you'll burn through your fat, and your metabolism will increase so you'll be abel to burn more calories while at rest and carve out a lean sculpted body.  This program is actually perfect for those women who are going after a 'bikini body'.

How long are the workouts and what kind of equipment do i need?

Each workout is between 20 to 40 minutes to easily fit into your schedule.  You'll want slightly heavier weights than you normally use or a better bargain is usually to purchase adjustable weights that go up to 25lbs.  You'll need a stability ball or a bench (either or for your stationary weight training base), and either resistance bands with a door anchor or a chin up bar.  (So far i've been using the resistance bands with a door anchor and a stability ball and it's been PERFECT).

Why is it special?

This program utilizes SSP Training: Stabilization, Strength and Power.  The program uses low reps with higher weights.  You'll build strength, endurance and melt away fat while creating leaned out lines and superior definition and muscle tone. 

Is Hammer and Chisel suitable for beginners?

This program will meet you where you are at.  You are in charge of how much weight you choose to lift.  You do not have to lift 'super heavy weight' like you might if you were pushed into a cross-fit or olympic training gym (as a matter of fact so far i've been working mostly with 10s/12s/15s).  It includes the same portion-control containers from Autumn’s 21 Day Fix and gives you a clear guide on how to eat right to fuel your muscles, get the results you want, and feel energized.  While this is a more advanced workout because you are working with weights, as always in all Beachbody workouts, there is a modifier so you always have someone to watch to customize the exercises to meet you where you are at. 

When will Hammer and Chisel be released?

You'll be able to purchase the program as of December 1st, just in time to get you in better habits for the holidays and see very real progress by the new year.  To get on the list for our pilot group with my free coaching email

How can i try out a workout and get a sneak peak, too?

You can sign up for 30 days of Beachbody On Demand for free.  This gives you access to ALL of the workouts in the BOD library, as well as the option to try out two of the new Hammer And Chisel workouts:  ISO Speed Hammer and Total Body Chisel.  All FREE for 30 days by signing up for my free trial HERE.

If you want to lose weight, body fat and get into better shape while improving your chances of success and exceeding your fitness goals, then maybe it’s time for you to join the Master’s Hammer & Chisel fitness program too.  Our Best Holiday Body Ever Challenge starts Dec 7th and continues into the new year.  Will you be one of the first to show off your results photos?

Receive the latest updates and be the first to be selected for the Pilot Test Group.  Email me for more details at or sign up HERE to be alerted when it first releases.

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