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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Goal Gut Check

 Do you set monthly goals? I've always been a list maker. There is just something so gratifying about crossing things off a list, but lists are more about little daily accomplishments rather than big goals or big changes.
What if you set just 4 or 5 smaller goals a month or one big PUSH goal?  
What if you sat your duff on a meditation pillow, started visualing what it is you want by month end, how it would make you feel, the changes that arrived, how you feel achieving your goal, and from there reverse engineer what your daily habits and actions had to be to get you there?  
What if you put pen to paper and wrote down all you visualized, your goal, your actions steps weekly and daily, and a deadline you wanted to reach them by?  
Do you think anything would change? I do.
Here's what i do monthly now that has helped me continue to move my life forward and reach new goals. It's also how i had time for a second short workout today and this five minute cafe style lunch. It's all in planning....
1. get clear on your monthly goals or PUSH goals (don't overwhelm yourself - one big goal is perfect - it will give you smaller goals to reach weekly)
2. reverse engineer that goal - what are the actions and habits of a person who achieves this goal, what changes do you have to make on a daily and weekly basis to get there?
3. find a tracking/measureing method and accountability partner - who will hold you accountable? how will you determine if you are making progress in the amount of time you visualized? What are the daily tasks and weekly tasks that must be crossed off your list. Make the list that has these tasks listed so you can easily cross them off.
4. schedule it - unless you create time for the new things you're adding in, and make sacrificing with what you're already doing then you'll likely find that you won't have enough hours in the day to get it done. Bottom line is we all have the same 24 hours in the day and as a very well respected entrepreneuer once said, "You're awake for 18 hours, you sleep for 6. If you think you need more sleep than that, just learn to sleep faster."
5. 10 X it. By nature we tend to procrastinate on the things we don't want to do, but we are also a reward driven society. So while you may experience some 'feet dragging' on the front end, once you start seeing progress you'll have Big Mo (momentum) behind you to keep you plugging forward. If you do everything with the attitude of 'i'm going to do it at 10X' (10 x more of this, 10 x more of that, 10 x the focus, 10 x the commitment, 10 x the consistency), you'll see results a lot faster. (Get the book The 10X Rule by Grand Cardone.)

Because my current goal is to be in stellar shape by the time i'm 40 (42 days from today) and because summer is just another 30 days or so behind that, you better believe i'm 10X-ing LIFE right now. Workouts 10X Nutrition 10X Personal Developement 10 X Leadership 10 X Blogging 10 X :) 

The new Brazilian Butt lift workouts just released on M*Fit on Demand / BOD and i'm ALL ABOUT THEM! I figure if Leandro trains the VS models how to get their rears 'high and tight' then my 'low and loose' back-side can have a serious renovation. Plus you can access all these new BBL Carnival workout totally FREE with my CLUB MEMBERSHIP for the next 30 days and it's only $2.99/week after that if you keep it, so really there isn't any excuse except the excuse that you actually LIKE to have something to complain about.  

Contact me to connect or join the club:


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