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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Get Fit This Fall | MMA SHRED Challenge | And the 2 mm rule

Have you always wanted to learn how to blast fat, shred out your midsection, get killer results in 30 days and be a straight up BADASS in every aspect of your life?

I've not doubt you said YES because who the F doesn't?  Here's the thing.  YOU ARE SO CLOSE.  Have you ever heard of the the 2mm rule?  It basically states that you are literally 2mm from hitting the mark on ALL THOSE THINGS you want in life.  Just think about it...  What is holding you back from reaching your goals?  What habit do you keep that makes that 2mm feel like 2 miles?  Is is a PATTERN that's holding you back?  Most likely it is and patterns can be and NEED to be broken.  Or do you feel it's the influence of those around you?   We are essentially conditioned by the five people we surround ourselves with most.

You may not want to hear it, but i'm going to lay it out anyway.....  It is NOT your CONDITIONS but rather your DECISIONS that determine your success in any of your endeavors.  I have used every excuse out there from my peers and partners to my time and energy, to just about ANYTHING you can imagine as to why i was stuck, but always the common denominator was ME and MY DECISIONS.  It took me a lot of gusto to reach out to someone i randomly found and connected with on social media and ask for help and guidance.  Probably because bloggers i followed for a lot longer DID NOT get back to me, and it left me feeling a bit hopeless that people really cared.  But the bottom line is, if we always rely on our past experiences to charter our new experiences then we quite possibly will miss the BIGGEST BLESSINGS we could have ever asked for.

I ask myself daily now, "Why are more people not achieving their goals?", knowing my programs and coaching will give them and guarantee them success.  My answer is always that people are scared of change, people don't like reaching out to strangers, people like dreaming not doing, and people are incredible voyers.  LOL.  I can say that freely because i am one too.  I FOLLOW so many incredible people who innovate, and aren't shy about who they are, and remind me to be ME, and THANKFULLY i do, because EVERY successful person in this world has a coach and i'd HATE to miss the mark because my PRIDE or EGO was too high to actually reach out to those people who inspired greatness in me and learn from them.  Sure without them, i am PROUD of my knowledge and years of study, but my knowledge is NOT power only the potential for power.  And my knowledge in healthy, holistic healing and wellness is certainly WORTHLESS if i'm not in a community that inspires me to share it with them and for the betterment of others.


because i can clearly talk for days.  I always thought that's what blogging is for, RIGHT?  To pour my soul into an online journal?  Well maybe not anymore... Maybe this day and age all you want is the ANSWER and a fast solution.  I get it, and let me be 100% transparent with you:  I CAN get you a result in 30 days if YOU are willing to do what i tell you, but the only way you are going to maintain it is if you actually adjust your lifestyle longterm.  Those of you who are extremists (and i get you cuz i am one), you need to meet me half way.  I need you to agree to not go full boar and add all the options for extreme upgrades to the plan but rather DO THE PLAN BALANCED, make some upgrades on how you're living, and just focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle using the tools i provide.  You WILL get the results if you do the work i suggest and follow the plan.

Those of you joining me for my MMA SHRED CHALLENGE here are some fun highlights you'll get to enjoy:

+ 9 Killer MMA inspired workouts that completely redefine your body.  No equipment needed it's just you and mother earth!  You get 2 full core intensive workouts, plus 7 challenging and fun routines that use a combination of jiu-jitsu, boxing, capeoria, and mixed martial arts.   It has hands down been my favorite workout series yet.  Accessable for multiple fitness levels, but certainly challening and promises a carved midsection and killer total body results.  Results are 100% guaranteed so your commitment is risk free.

+ A 30 day supply of superfood Shakeology.  Here's the KICKER.  This month ONLY you get the entire challenge for literally $10 more than getting the superfoods on their own!  That's a $60+ savings.  It's not to be missed, so don't drag your feet on this.

+ My personal coaching, a one on one session with me, and our incredible team online community participating in the challenge with you.  This is KEY to success.  We all know WHAT we need to do but we aren't always motivated to do it.  THIS is the community that shows up daily with you, inspires you, and are the people who are CHANGING THEIR LIVES through small acts of consistency.  They make is so simple and inspiring for you to do what you need to do to get the results you want.

To START on the MMA challenge NOW with us and get my personal coaching use THIS LINK to enroll or inquire for details.  I DO answer each inquiry personally and will be on this challenge with you for the next 60 days.  Excited to hear from you!!!


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