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Friday, September 16, 2011

Beaming Cleanse Day 5: Last Day!!!

I'm glad to say it's the final day of my cleanse.  Not because the cleanse was rough, or the food was bad, quite the contrary actually.  Everything was fresh, delicious, and very gourmet.  Just look at the pic above; my dinner tonight!  That being said, i'm excited to CHEW more.  LOL.  It's been a lot of liquid and being a foodie and all i love to EAT.  While i'll continue with my good habits that beaming helped me regain (juicing and smoothies through the first part of the day and crispy fresh salads and raw soups) i'm looking forward to splashing in a little vino and mocktails here and there, some grilled kale, and my juices and smoothies....and maybe a little dessert and dark chocolate....just a little ;)

Besides my green juices today i had a strawberry superfood smoothie (similar to day 2), the immunity elixer was enhanced with goji berry, and we swapped salad for the yummalish wrap pictured above with a walnut pate and cashew dipping sauce.

I'll weigh myself again tomorrow morning but so far i've dropped 5 lbs.  I suppose by tomorrow i'll be down near 6 since i've been dropping nearly a lb a day.   I gained a bit of weight in august so this cleanse couldn't have come at a better time to shed the unsightly reminder of good times.

Beaming Cleanse is launching here in San Diego in October and they have plans to open nationwide.  San Francisco will be the next market opening since Adina is based there.  Visit their webpage here to inquire about the program.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT and look forward to getting beamed up again after the holidays!

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