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Monday, March 19, 2012

Cleansing Part 2 - Ready to up your ante?

Yesterday i posted some recipe ideas for your cleanse.  For those of you newer to cleansing those recipes are a great place to start.  Conversely those of you who have cleansed a lot before and already eat a gluten free, dairy free diet without refined foods, we're ready to up the ante.  Here's a look at what a day of cleansing might look like for you.  Remember you are avoiding:

Dairy - all dairy including yogurt
Soy - all soy included fermented soy (and soy condiments)
Gluten - this includes barley for those of you still drinking chicory and barley root tea instead of coffee
Salt (including sea salt)
Sugar (including natural sugars like honey and SUGAR SUBSTITUTES)
Caffeine and Stimulants
Processed/Refined/Packaged Foods (this includes condiments/bags of bread/canned foods/boxed foods, snack bars etc)

You are eating a diet of lean protein (indeed only if you are a meat eater -look for organic, grass fed, no antibiotics or growth hormones, non gluten grain (amaranth, quinoa, teff, kasha/buckwheat, brown or wild rice, and millet), legumes/beans/lentils (not from the can), organic produce (seasonal fruits and vegetables, including sea veggies like kombu, wakame, etc)

Here is what a typical day might look like for an advanced Cleanser (times are just examples):

6am - 30 ounces water with lemon
Daily practices (neti pot, dry brush, self massage, shower/ishnaan, meditation)

7am breakfast:  Green Juice
Green Juice - any veggie/fruit green as you can go!  Alkalize baby!

10 am Mid morning optional snack :  More Green Juice, Smoothie, or fruit
Clorophyll - use water from fresh coconut - not a box for this recipe

YUM MILK - use homemade almond milk and fresh coconut water

keep it simple and seasonal

1pm  Lunch:  Soup, Salad, grain and veggie dish, or protein or bean and veggie dish
Carrot Coconut Soup

skip the mustard dressing in this recipe and go with flax oil or a dressing from tahini, ACV, onion&garlic powder, and lemon
detox salad

lentils and veggies

3pm Mid afternoon optional snack :  Green Juice or Green Smoothie
garden juice

6pm:  Dinner:  Large Salad, Kitchari (dahl and rice with veggies), Steamed veggies and non gluten grain, or a protein like fish and vegetables.

Loving Limas Salad

Living Salad
Kale Salad

7:30pm:  Apple Cider Vinegar Tea:  1 Tbsp ACV to 7 oz water (optionally cayenne pepper or a small dab of honey)

8pm meditate or other daily practices - bath, self massage, etc

In bed by 10pm

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